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Practice Friday, March 13th
by posted 03/10/2020


A reminder that this Friday, March 13th, at George Miller Elementary from 630-8pm.

I know that this is a conflict for a few people for girl scouts.

Please let me know if you can make it or if you have a conflict so we can decide if we want to postpone it.

(475)419-5431 or cmourikis@gmail.com

thank you,



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Great Practice!
by posted 02/28/2020

Great practice last night.  I think everyone had a great time and got to work on basic softball skills.  Thank you to Joe and Paul for helping out! 

Our next scheduled practice is Friday March 13 - I undertand that there may be a conflict with Girl Scouts.  If you have a conflict with that day please let me know.  I'll try and reschedule if needed but I am unsure if we will get gym time.  Please let me know.  

Again - thank you for all who made it out, it was a pleasure meeting you all and your daughters and I am excited to have an opportunity to lead this team.  Great things to come for all!!  



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Practice, Volunteers, Contact Information
by posted 02/25/2020

Good afternoon everyone.

A reminder that we have practice scheduled for this Thursday, 2/27 from 630-8pm at Miller Elementary School.

Please email at cmourikis@gmail.com to confirm that your daughter will be able to make the practice so I can prepare accordingly.

I would also recommend sending me your cell number in case something comes up for the season and there is a last minute cancellation or field change.  I can always be reached by text or phone at (475) 419-5431.

Finally, If you would like to volunteer, which I would happily welcome, please send me your full name and email address so the league can send you the appropriate information.  You will not be able to interact unless you are approved by the league.

I look forward to meeting the girls this Thursday.  We will work on basic hitting, throwing, and catching as we focus on form.





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Welcome to the Dragons!
by posted 02/20/2020

Welcome to the Dragons AA softball team! 

I will be coaching your daughters this spring in AA softball. 

We will certainly make sure the girls have fun while teaching them everything softball.  The regular season schedule has not been released yet, but we have scheduled two practices.

Thursday 2/27, 630-8pm at Miller Elementary School Gym

Friday 3/13, 630-8pm at Miller Elementary School Gym.


Hopefully you all can make it. 

I am reachable at anytime via email, text, or phone, so feel free to reach out if needed.


Chris Mourikis

(475) 419-5431




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