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Practice off the field!
by posted 01/30/2020

We are very much looking forward to the upcoming season.   As you may have seen we have a large number of boys this year and expect to have two very competitive teams.  We are asking that player's commitment to the game continues to grow as they progress through the ranks. We will always welcome the new players and work with stick skills where necessary, but there is very little that we can teach in two practices a week that can’t be learned at home or in a back yard through repetition. After a short focus on the basics at the beginning of practice, we will continue to build on other aspects of the game that they will need to succeed at the middle school and beyond.  

There is really only one foolproof way to improve stick skills and that is through lots of repetitions.  We asking the parents to help us encourage our players to practice away from the field.  The link below is a very basic wall ball drill that only takes a wall, a stick and approximately 15 mins per hand (throwing right and left).   It is strongly recommended that they attempt to do this twice a week,   The more they do this, we can promise you the better they will become.   Certainly, at this age group, their progress and playing time is in their hands. If players have any questions about what they can work on to be their best, we encourage the player to ask coaches directly.

Thank you for your support and we very much look forward to seeing you soon!

Bulldogs Coaches

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