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Great weekend of softball!
by posted 05/03/2021

Hi Cardinal families,

What a game yesterday!  Our players deserve a lot of praise for their enthusiasm, their hustle, and their willingness to try new things.  We were excited that all of them chose to try to hit some pitches despite having never even practiced it before.  I especially loved seeing how well they respond to coaching.  Each player we asked to make an adjustment immediately reacted on the next play.  I hope that they are all excited to get back out there!  


Star of the Game:

Each week, I plan to spotlight one or two players for their outstanding contributions to the game.  There were so many candidates, but this week's Star of the Game goes to (drum roll) . . . Audrey!  Audrey showed incredible awareness in the field and made several putouts at first base. (Apologies to all the stunned Bruins players she kept off the bases).  She added some solid hitting as our lone lefty in the lineup. Most importantly, at the end of the game, she just wanted to keep playing.  We love to see that attitude! Virtual high-five, Audrey!


Practice this week:

The early forecast for Thursday looks good - here's hoping it stays that way.  This Thursday, we will actually be sharing our practice field (Emerson playground) with a grade 3/4 game that had to be relocated due to a field conflict.  We will stay in the outfield away from the action and work on some basic skills - catching, throwing, fielding, and hitting.  You may notice that on the official schedule, our practice is listed as being only 15 minutes long (5:30-5:45).  That's because the system won't let us officially schedule two events in the same location at the same time.  We will still plan to practice until 6:30, with some breaks to watch what the game looks like at the next level.  

A heads-up about parking at Emerson: There is a lot, but we are only allowed to park in the front part of it.  There are signs and a speed bump marking off the back section, which is reserved for residents.  If our section of the lot fills up, please try to find a spot on the street, because NGS wants to be a good neighbor :-)

Have a great week, and we’ll see you on Thursday!



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Change of venue (again)
by posted 05/01/2021

Hi Cardinal families!

Looks like we finally have a beautiful day for softball!  The one problem is that Emerson field is still too wet to play on.  So our 3:00 game has been moved to Davis Playground in West Newton.  Please try to arrive by 2:45.  We will have a mini-practice followed by a few innings of T-ball.  We look forward to seeing everyone there.



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Change of venue
by posted 04/29/2021


Hi families!


Well, it’s pretty clear at this point that the weather does not want to cooperate with us to have practice tonight.  But I would like to get the chance to meet the team, and I have uniforms to hand out.  So I’m going to move our practice to Ward School, where there is a tent on the field.  Instead of practicing, we will plan to meet briefly with the team, answer any questions families have, and distribute uniforms.  Each player will receive:

  • A maroon NGS T-shirt

  • A pair of white softball pants (If your player doesn’t have any white underwear, you will want to get some.) 

  • A pair of socks with a maroon stripe

  • A NGS visor

  • An NGS sticker (great for emblazoning a water bottle)


We have limited supplies in each size, so we kind of just cross our fingers and hope that we can get a good fit on the shirts, pants, and socks.  


I look forward to seeing you all at Ward School at 5:30!




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make-up for yesterday's game
by posted 04/26/2021

Hi Cardinal Families,

We have scheduled a make-up for yesterday's game on Saturday, 5/1, at 3pm.  The game will be played at Emerson playground (our practice field). I realize that this time won't fit into everyone's schedules, but I hope that most of our players will be able to make it.  

In the meantime, please use all your psychic energy to try to keep the rain away so that we can have a good practice on Thursday.  I'm determined to meet up this time unless we have absolute downpours or thunderstorms!


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No Game Today
by posted 04/25/2021

Hi folks,

Sorry for the delay in this message.  It's a very tough call for today, but we've decided to cancel.  We're hoping to be able to schedule a makeup next weekend, but we're still working out the details.  Keep your fingers crossed for better luck with the weather!



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Opening Day tomorrow! (hopefully)
by posted 04/24/2021

Hi folks,

It's bumming me out that we have not all gotten together yet, and opening day is in jeopardy, too! I'm still keeping my fingers crossed for tomorrow, despite the forecast for rain.  We’ll make a decision by 11am and send a message to the team if we need to cancel.  Neither our team nor the opposing team have had a chance to practice yet, so if the weather conditions do allow, then we will have a bit of an altered opening day "game."  We would start with a mini-practice for each team and then finish with a few innings of scrimmage (most likely T-ball style).  Some families have asked about what equipment is necessary, so here is a rundown:

  • Each player should bring a softball glove. Gloves may not be shared.

  • If you have a helmet, bring it.  If you don’t we’ll provide you with one to use for the season. Helmets may not be shared.

  • You can bring your own bat or use one of the team’s.  Bats may be shared, but must be disinfected between players.

  • Players can wear cleats if they have them, but sneakers are ok, too.  Metal cleats are not allowed.

  • I have not yet received the uniforms, which will consist of a T-shirt (our color is maroon) and a pair of white softball pants.  Players should come to games in uniform (once they receive them, hopefully later this week).  

Below are the safety guidelines from the league (including the covid protocols).  We will review all these rules with the players during our practices and games.  We will need help from one or two parents to serve as the “safety coaches” for the team.  If you’re willing to take on this role, please let me know.  You will need to submit to a CORI check from the league.  

Hoping to see you tomorrow!



Please read and review all of the following with your child and any other family members who may be attending any Newton Girls Softball event.  


Standards for Dugout and Field Safety


  1. Players must remain in the dugout throughout the game. They should not sit with parents unless the child requires specific attention. Children should be encouraged to sit with their teammates whenever possible.

    1. No phones may be used in the dugout at any time

    2. Players should not climb on fences, run around or otherwise be distracted from the game.

    3. Players should keep their cheers positive and directed at their own team

    4. Players should place their equipment in a place that is immediate accessible when called upon.

  2. There is NO on-deck circle. 

  3. The on-deck batter should remain in the dugout, with their helmet on, prepared to follow the next batter. All players MUST wear a helmet when holding a bat.

  4. Players must not throw their bats. At the umpire’s discretion, a player can be ejected if the umpire feels the safety of others is in jeopardy.

  5. Players should not eat in the dugout

  6. Players must wear a fielder’s mask while positioned at pitcher (or pitchers’ helper), first base and third base. NO EXCEPTIONS!


Covid-19 Safety Standard Roles for Youth Sports 


USA Softball has designated areas for players and spectators to socially distance safely during games and practices.  Please see the diagram below for field markings indicating appropriate player and spectator areas.


For players:

  • All players must wear a mask or face covering while in the dugout, at bat, or while playing in the infield. Players in the outfield may temporarily pull down/remove their masks.

  • All players MUST be healthy to attend practices and games. Please keep your player home if ANYONE in your household has symptoms of COVID-19 or has been exposed to COVID-19 (until the sick or exposed individual can be tested per CDC guidelines).

  • All players must maintain 6 feet of distance from other players while in the dugout.

  • Players must make sure they have adequate distance (> 6 feet) from other players, coaches and spectators in order to remove masks for water breaks.

  • Players should remain within the extended dugout areas, as directed by USA Softball of MA, throughout the competition and place all personal equipment on the specified field markings or at least 6 feet from the next player(s) (see illustration below)

  • No shared food or drink may be provided during any activities for participants 

  • Players and coaches must achieve proper hand hygiene at the beginning and end of all activities, either through handwashing with soap and water or by using an alcohol-based hand sanitizer.

  • Sportsmanship should continue in a touchless manner – no handshakes/slaps/fist bumps

Shared Equipment

  • Gloves and helmets should not be shared among participants.

  • Participants are encouraged, but not required, to bring their own equipment. Commonly shared equipment such as bats, fielding masks, catchers gear, etc., must be treated with disinfecting spray or wipes after each user.

  • We will be continuing to disinfect balls and shared equipment as per current MA state guidelines.

  • If you are concerned about not having a necessary piece of equipment for your player, please reach out to the coaches and they can likely obtain something from NGS to loan your child for the season at no additional charge.

For spectators:

  • All spectators MUST wear a mask, regardless of vaccination status.

  • All spectators MUST be healthy to attend practices and games. Please stay home (and tell your guests to stay home) if ANYONE in the household has symptoms of COVID-19 or has been exposed to COVID-19 (until the sick or exposed individual can be tested per CDC guidelines).

  • Family groups must sit together and be able to maintain at least 6 feet of distance from other family groups.

  • There will be signs and/or ORANGE field markings at each field indicating where spectators may and may not sit. Please respect these signs and boundaries.

  • Transportation safety requirements: Staff, volunteers, and parents/guardians are not transporting athletes that are not immediate family members. In the event that transportation becomes necessary due to an emergency situation, all parties in the vehicle must wear cloth face coverings and to the extent possible have external air circulating in the vehicle such as opening a window. 

  • While in-person, team-based social events are often considered an integral component of recreational sports leagues, more frequent, extended physical or close contact increases the risk of COVID-19 transmission between team members should an outbreak occur. In the interest of reducing preventable transmission events, Activity Organizers must ensure that team-based social gatherings do not occur until all other COVID-19-specific restrictions regulating sports leagues are fully lifted.

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