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Coaches Corner 10/7
by posted 10/07/2019

Hi Team.

Now that the dust has settled on our weekend game, thought we could reflect a bit. 

First of all thanks to all the parents for supporting the players in both the tough and good times.  The coaches heard a bunch of cheering even though the scoreboard was tilted the other way.

As much as losing on the scoreboard is hard, it is a gauge to identify areas which we need to work on. Strong skating skills are key to the game.  The coaches will continue to work on that throughout the year.  Things become easier when the skating gets stronger.

We will be getting feedback from the players as to where they like to play after this month and start setting up lines and positions that we will go forward with. Hopefully that will help them better adjust with where they should be on the ice.

Challenges throughout the season will  make each player (and coaches!) grow both as players and people.

Ok, off the soap box and onto some good stuff.

Congratulations to our "Heart of the Lion" award winner this week Nick Treat!  You probably remember (we hope) that nice stretch where we had our greatest pressure on the opponent.  Much of that had to do with Nick keeping the play alive from the point...great job Nick.

The coaches were very happy to see that we are able to create and maintain pressure on the opponent...we just need to work on keeping that going throughout the course of the game.

Back to work tonight and another chance to hone our skills on Wednesday.


See you at the rink.

Your coaching staff.


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