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Porto Winter training confirmation
by posted 10/22/2019

Please reply to me ASAP only if you will not attend team winter training.

We are reserved for 8 weeks on Thursday nights 6:30-8:00 with Coach Russell during Jan and Feb.

Training will occer at Princeton High School (kidding), Kent Place school in Summit.

If we have all 11 players, total cost per player will be around $255.

A registration link will be created once we know our final headcount, and we really hope everyone can make it!


Again, please only reply by this Friday if you will NOT be able to attend.


Seperately, note that we have one game this weekend on Sunday at 9:00am vs. West Morris in Mendam.

Plan to arrive 8:15am in Maroon jersey as per TeamSnap (and bring Whites).




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Club Philosophy reminder and quick week ahead
by posted 10/14/2019

Hi Porto parents - Thanks for everyone's support over the long weekend of great U10 Girls soccer.

Seperately, we wanted to send this below email from Darren Shemwell (some may have already received it and not sure how broadly it was sent).  Just a gentle reminder/refresher on some important topics.

We also want to STRESS that this was intended for some other teams, and Russell told me this morning that Porto parents have all been great this season.

Have a great week of practice.

Two games this weekend - Sat 10/19 at 6:30 on Glenside, and 10:30 Sunday 10/20 in Ridgefield Park - See SNAP for details.

A decision on Sat practice (might be a full session, might be just an hour, or might be scrapped) will be made over the comming days. 






This message is being relayed club wide. Please take a few minutes to read and acknowledge.

I'm sending a quick reminder to you with regards to our club philosophy with regards to playing time, positional rotation and player development being paramount over winning at all costs when it means potentially sacrificing playing someone for a portion of playing time.

Unfortunately, you will see a contrast against the majority of opponents who have a win at all costs mentality. The best players play the whole game, or a large majority of it, and the weaker kids play little to no part. Winning games at U9, U10, U11 and U12 is fine for these small minded clubs, but what they will have down the road is the same group of 'stronger' players, with the same group of 'weaker' players, if those 'weaker' players still want to play at that point.


At SSC, we have A,B and C teams to promote opportunities to play and develop, when if we were of ruthless nature and paid no thoughts to the future, we could only field A teams and send the rest of the players to rec.


WE WANT players playing almost even playing time, unless other circumstances mean they should not (bad behavior, lack of effort).

WE ALSO WANT players to experience playing time in multiple positions to develop more than just one area of their game. A player who plays only one position will not be able to master the game as well as one who is well rounded and has experience in many. Imagine sending your kid to school and they only do science, I'm sure there would be uproar.


HEAD COACHES are reminded to strike a balance between rotating players through positions, perhaps they only play one position in 1, 2 or 3 games in a row, perhaps a half each in two different positions. Coaches will look to balance out games where the team can get a positive scoreline through proactive planning of player assignments and playing roles that will maintain a 'strength' to the team and boost their competitiveness. This will help boost morale, whilst not crushing players and will be communicated throughout games and in game recap emails with players and parents.

No matter what, we want positional rotation with guided discovery through coaching points made at appropriate times by the HEAD COACH only. The only way to learn is to be exposed to situations beyond the comfort zone and to receive feedback; in training, at half time, the end of the game, during the flow of the game, at appropriate moments where information can be processed without distraction.


- Imagine working your job, having a group of adults all shout out random instructions to you as you tried to find the solutions you are looking for:

- Learning opportunities and situational understanding would be stolen.

- This also contributes to panic.

- Positive feedback, love and care are all that your player needs!


I continue to see first hand that our philosophy breeds varying stages of development swings throughout these young ages, bringing development highs, lows and plateaus over 2-4 week periods.

Players that may be striving right now, may not be in four weeks/eight weeks, 6 months/1 year/2 years time, we will continue to provide the best opportunities and coaching that we can in hopes that the inspiration ignites a love and passion for soccer and a great outlook for athletic and personal development for everything that they will face in life.


I would like to commend Marc McKelvie for his continuous great work with the young soccer players and future young adults he inspires. Marc is the epitome of what a great youth soccer coach is. Not only does he engage the players, he teaches good morals, team work, he is always there to give feedback to players and parents and is always available for the programs we provide in Summit and deliver at a very high standard.

Thank you, Marc! If you haven't already done so, please reach out to Marc to share your gratitude for the top notch job he is doing.

You will be very fortunate if your son ever has as good of and as dedicated of a coach as to your son as an individual as Marc is. If you are lucky enough, let that person know too! It is said that we don't truly appreciate something in life, or know what we have until it's gone.

As a Director of Coaching and Head Coach, I most often hear negativity and criticisms, yet rarely hear of positivity. Please take a minute to appreciate the people in yours and your child(ren)'s life that are making a positive difference.


Results go way beyond a scoreline, there are so many measures for success that I am sure you are able to see if you read what Coach Marc is working on.






I am always available to speak or correspond regarding your player and the programs we offer.


Thank you for your support!




Kindest Regards,


Darren Shimwell,


Summit Soccer Club Director of Coaching


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Porto's Parsippany Torunament Schedule
by posted 10/09/2019

Hi all,


Below is the final schedule, with field locations. 

Plan to arrive 45 mins ahead of each game, wear WHITES, and be sure to bring MAROON.

Marc cell: 646-943-1834, Devin cell: 908-377-9666, Russell cell: 908-917-5666


Saturday 10/12:  59 Baldwin Rd, Parsippany

7:45am - SUMMIT SC PORTO (NJ) vs. MADISON SC INC. ROSE CITY FC (NJ), Smith Field (Turf) 1A

9:55am - SUMMIT SC PORTO (NJ) vs. MILLBURN SC MUTINY (NJ), Smith Field (Turf) 1A


Sunday 10/13:  353 Powerville Rd, Boonton

2:15pm - SUMMIT SC PORTO (NJ) vs. PARSIPPANY SC 2010 BLUE (NJ), RVA Field (7v7) #2

4:25pm - SUMMIT SC PORTO (NJ) vs. WOFC CREW (NJ), RVA Field (7v7) #5


Full schedule and website:





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