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I hope you are doing well. Here are a few quick updates on the schedule and season

These details will also be posted on our team page on the Outlaws website if you can't locate the email.



Please note that per Mass Hockey - Formal contracts cannot be issued until March 13, 2023. This is for all youth hockey programs. You may hear rumors, teams "signing" players, etc...these are verbal agreements betweens teams and players and really mean nothing are there is no real commitment between the player and team until money is paid.  After a player and team agree, it is not uncommon that a team will rescind contracts and players will sign with other teams. Do not drive yourself crazy by listening to the banter...focus on the season and more information will be following. 


Summary Of Events:

  • Regular Season Schedule: Playoff Dates Announced - Schedule Updated - Details Below
  • Practice Schedule: Practice Between Playoffs and Tryouts -  See Below
  • Tryout Dates Annouced: Details Below - See Below
  • Cast of Characters: For the new families, who is what for our team and the Outlaws.



Regular Season Schedule: Playoff Dates Announced

The PHL has annouced the playoffs dates for all divisions. In short, top 4 teams make the playoffs. Based on the standings, we are guaranteed the 3rd or 4th spot for playoffs. The final results will be made this week and we will have more accurate times. 

The Current Schedule: (may be updated, but its what we got for now)

#2 v #3 - Saturday, March 4 at 4:40pm - Walpole OLY Rink - Rodman Arena

#1 v #4 - Saturday, March 4 at 4:50pm - Walpole NHL Rink - Rodman Arena

Finals - Winner of #2 v #3 and #1 v #4 - Sunday, March 5th at 12:30pm - NHL Rink - Rodman Arena

Please note, these are game times, please arrive 1 hour early. 

It appears the top 4 teams are NS Wings, CT Chiefs, Maine Wild and Outlaws. The Mass Bay Chiefs and Wolfpack have been eliminated.

Please mark your calendars.


Practice Schedule: No Change - Expect Practice After Playoffs, but Before Tryouts

While nothing formal has been annouced yet by the Outlaws, in years past, they have always had a practice or 2 between Playoffs and Tryouts to keep the boys legs moving. Please watch for this notification



Tryout Dates Announced: 2011 Tryout Dates Announced


The 2011 Tryouts Dates for the Premier Team and Elite Team have been announced and information can be found on the Outlaws website.

Currently, we are scheduled for:

Monday, March 13th at 7:10pm - Rink 8 NESC

Tuesday, March 14th at 7:00pm - Rink 8 NESC

Here is the link to register and more details can be found on www.outlawshockey.com


If you have any questions, or problems, registering for tryouts, please reach out to Coach Gino for assistance. 


Cast of Characters: Who is Who

Bob Cardin: Head Coach: Bob plans and runs plractices and makes all ice decisions
Brian O'Malley: Asst Coach: Brian helps Bob run drills during practice and helps behind the bench during games
Chuck Lazaros: Asst Coach: Chucks helps Bob run drills during practice and help the Defense line changes during the games
Gino DiGiallonardo: Asst Coach/Manager: I help Bob run drills during practice (not really, but I try) and I help with the Forward line changes during games. In addition, I help with parent communication, help with non-ice related parent issues during the season, and team events
Sarah Gross: Team Mom: Sarah organizes team events during the season, tournament swag bags, and so much more. If you are interested in helping with team activities, please reach out to Sarah
Karen Wojo: Outlaws Registrar - She can help with payments, registration issues, etc
Kim L: Outlaws Merch Provider - Kim handles any outlaws merch orders...i.e. jerseys, website swag orders, etc.

If you have any questions, please drop me a line and I am more than happy to help.


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