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Welcome to 2021 CYA Fall Ball
by posted 09/02/2021

Welcome to the 2021 CYA Fall Ball

Coach Doug and I would like to welcome you all to the CYA Fall 2021 Machine Pitch Season. This is my 5th season coaching Little League baseball, but my first in CYA. Coach Doug is on his 3rd season of coaching and his first in CYA as well. We are very excited to help your ball player develop both a love for the game and improving their skills to get ready for the next step in Little League. 


Machine pitch is a developmental league and its truly such a fun age to watch these kids play.  In practice, we will stress the basic fundamentals of throwing, running bases, fielding grounders, fielding pop-ups, and hitting. Ultimately, our goal is for your child to have fun, make friends, and desire to play again next Spring. 

We have players in both 2nd and 3rd grade this year with all levels of experience.  We will stress hard work, sportsmanship, teamwork, and positivity. These are still developmental years for the kids, so we will focus on drills heavily in practice.  

Baseball is a  difficult game with so many aspects to learn: hitting, throwing, catching etc.  Improving their fundamentals will build confidence in their play. Kids that are successful playing usually have more fun and keep wanting to play.  


Parent Participation 

I am hoping that I can get coaching help from all the parents regardless of your own experience level with baseball. Even if you have ZERO baseball/softball experience, I’d love to get your help in practice and/or in the games. I promise your child also will love to have you help out as a coach. 

Practice stations are the best way we can teach the fundamentals and also keep their attention. In order to have multiple stations, I will need multiple parents helping during practice.  

Please consider helping out, Mom and Dad. You don’t need to even let me know in advance if u want to lend a hand… jump on the field and lend a hand at any point in the season. We have 9 kids playing, so 18 coaches would be great 😊  



Our team jersey is a red shirt with red hat. Your ballplayer needs a baseball glove, bat, pants, and helmet with a facemask. Wearing an athletic cup at this age isn’t required, but it’s not a bad idea. Batting gloves and cleats are not necessary, but, if your kid likes the look and feel of being a ballplayer, feel free to encourage that!  

Make sure the bat you buy has a USA Bat stamp somewhere on it.  



Practice is on Thursdays, from 5-630PM at Rocky Run MS. Our first practice will be next Thursday, September 9, at 5PM. Due to the construction at Oak Hill, CYA has moved practices and games to Rocky Run MS. We will be playing on "Field 2" - which if you park in the left side of the school front parking lot is directly behind the school. 

Bring fluids to practice, please! There will be lots of running and its still warm outside. We will have a few water breaks during practice. Prior to practice, make sure your players are well fed and hydrated because we will be moving quickly to get as much instruction as possible. We have tons to teach and limited attention spans.  

If you need to leave early or can’t make it to practice, totally understandable.   



We play Saturday games. Our first game is Saturday, September 11th. I don’t have an official time yet. I was told our games are on Saturdays at either 9AM or 11AM. The schedule will come soon. We will be playing on "Field 2" - which if you park in the left side of the school front parking lot is directly behind the school. 

We will rotate batting order and fielding positions every game so that everyone gets a chance to lead off and play each position. 



There is a coach’s meeting this Saturday where I will get more details about the season.

Try to start playing catch now for a few minutes each day to get their arms warmed up. We will have our first game a few days after our first practice, so if you start throwing now they wont be sore for the game. 

If you have any questions/concerns, please email/call/text. Email is best during the work day; I don’t have my phone on me during the day.   



Tom Johnson 


703.400.1261 (cell)

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