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^McLean Youth Volleyball_League Rules 2021
by posted 04/22/2021

Dear Gold Team Parents,

Below are the League Rules, we kindly ask that you share these with your girls. It would be great if they can review them before our first game.

League Rules for 2021

•  Standard FIVB / USA Volleyball rules

✓ Several exceptions for House matches to encourage learning

✓ Relatively lenient calls

•  For all you “ol’schoolers”, standard rules now include:

✓ Rally scoring - each serve results in a point

✓ Serves can touch net

✓ Double-touches on first contact


Service Rules

•  Special 4th-8th House Rules

✓ Service “Redo” if first serve missed

•  Only on first attempt in the rotation

✓ No foot faults

✓ Maximum of 3 consecutive service wins per server

▪  After 3 points with one server, the service switches to other team without a point

✓ ES players serve 5’ in from the end line or 10’ in for the first half of season


Scoring Rules

•    Matches are 3 games

✓ Play all 3 games, NOT best of 3

✓ Start score at 0 to 0, first two - end at 25 points (win by 2), last - ends at 15 points (win by 2)

✓  Matches must end on time – winner of 3rd game could be team with most points on the hour

•    For 4th-8th House, an extra point is awarded for 3 touches that result in an immediate win:

✓ Discretion of the referee

✓ For ES4 & ES5: any 2 touches

✓ For ES6: any 3 touches

✓ For MSH: first 2 touches can be anything, but last touch must be overhead hit

✓ Extra point only awarded if opposing team does not legally return the ball into play


Match Sequencing

1.  Warm-ups for 10 minutes on own side

2.  “Home” team has choice of side or serve

•  First serve switches to next team for Game 2 and back to first team for Game 3

3.  Teams remain on the same side for all games of the match (no switching sides)

4.  No hand shaking before or after match

5.  Two (2) minutes between games

6.  Timeouts are permitted

•  Two 30-second timeouts per team per game

7.  Referees report wins-losses




Thank you so much for your support and for always dropping off your girls on time. We have a super team and we are very excited to see everyone this Saturday!

Remember venue changed from McLean Swim & Tennis to Spring Hill Elementary School.


Coach Angela & Coach Randy

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