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Game Saturday
by posted 05/12/2022


We are looking forward to our game Saturday at 10:30 in Wilmington. We heard from several players that they will not be able to make it this weekend. Please let us know the status of your daughter for Saturday. We are currently in second place behind Wilmington, so we want to be sure we have enough players for the game. Thanks and see you at practice tonight!


Mike, Nate and Maurizio

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Game Saturday!!
by posted 05/06/2022


I hope everyone had a great week. The girls are off to a great start this season and we look forward to keeping it going on Saturday. Our game is 8am at the Barry Field, we know it is early but please try and get your player there by 7:30. Also, remember to respond to the automated email on attendance or let us know if you can't make it. This really helps us plan if we are short players. 


Mike, Nate and Mauricio

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