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Player Protocol - COVID
by posted 05/16/2022

Hi Parents,

I need to let you know that as of Sunday, a player under my care has tested positive for COVID. In line with CDC protocol, he has begun the quarantine process and will not be participating in sports this week. However, per contact tracing guidelines, our game on Saturday does fall within the '2 days prior to symptoms onset' window. The risk of infection is low since the game was outdoors, players were usually 6 feet apart and close contact was well under 15 minute increments. Regardless, please monitor your players for symptoms and act accordingly if symptoms manifest. 

As the care caregiver, I personally have not tested positive, but I am considered close contact and need to remove myself from running practices this week. Coach Patrick will be at the field to run practices as usual. 

If you have questions or concern, feel free to reach out to me personally. 


Coach Mahlon 

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Mahlon Gross 
Asst Coach 
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