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Today's Game and Tournament
by posted 05/13/2021

found sticks


While it was a tough loss right at the buzzer, the boys played with a lot of heart in the second half to tie the game after being down 4-1 at one point.  I'm proud of the effort and look forward to seeing more of it this weekend.  Crowl's team is fast and competitive.  


Unfortunately there is still a game to be played that determines our tournament seeding, they play tomorrow night at 6:30 so look for another email in the evening with a final schedule.  Now that only 1 game remains, I can narrow Saturday morning down to 2 possibilities: 

1.  We start at 10am against the #5 seed (Spencer).  This is a single elimation round so the team that loses will be out of the tournament.  If we win this game, we would play the #1 seed (Lowy) at noon.  Win or lose, we'll have 1 more game after that at 1:30 (loss) or 2:30 (win).  


2.  We start at 11am against the team we played today (Crowl).  Win or lose, we'll have 1 more game after that at 1:30 (loss) or 2:30 (win). 


So basically plan on arriving at 9:30 or 10:30 based on what I report tomorrow.  Please pack lunches, snacks, extra drinks for yourselves and the kids, we ask that the kids not leave the high school between games so that if we can get a game started a few minutes early, we will move the tournament along without delay.  Note that food and beverages that aren't water are not allowed on or near the turf field.  


I'm trying to send an picture with this email of 2 sticks found on the field after our games today, please let me know if they are yours.  If the pictures don't come through and you're missing a stick just let me know. 






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Upcoming Week
by posted 05/09/2021

Hi Everyone,


I hope you all had a good weekend despite the weather.  Here is our schedule for this last week of the season: 


Monday 5/10 - practice as usual, big field near Rayville Rd

Wednesday 5/12 - Practice is canceled

Thursday 5/13 - Game on the usual game field.  This is to make up the game that we missed yesterday so please have the kids in full uniform, we expect to wear white.  Please arrive at or before 5:30.  

Saturday 5/15 - Tournament at HHS on the turf.  Our schedule depends on the outcome of possibly every game this week so all I know is, the earliest game we could play in begins at 10am, please arrive by 9:30am.  The latest possible game we could be in would begin at 2:30pm.  I'll revise this by Friday.  


Let me know if you have any questions, see you tomorrow, 







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