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Details for Saturday playdate at MN Select - Ralia
by posted 01/19/2021

Good luck 11s - and have fun!

Matches are at 12:30, 1:30, & 3 PM. 

MN Select will stream all matches. The playdate information and links to pool sheet and streaming service are found HERE. Click the Pool Sheet and use the icon to stream the video on their court. 

Policies and Procedures for 2021 Molten Series at MN Select Volleyball Center: 

- Masks MUST be worn at all times, by everyone, including athletes. A face shield will not be enough. There are no exceptions to this policy.

- NO Spectators. MN Select is offering free live stream access to all courts at MN Select. Here is the link: https://www.mnselect.com/page/show/5962432 .The link can also be found through our website main page, www.mnselect.com. Outside individuals will not be permitted in to set up a camera for recording or live streaming. If your team wishes to do this, the coach(es) and/or players will need to do so.

- All members of your team must either be a player or a team coach that coaches from the sidelines. Team reps or other personnel that desire to watch from the bleachers will NOT be permitted.

- All individuals will enter through the front door of MN Select Volleyball Center. Do not congregate outside. A single orange cone will be placed outside our front door when coaches may begin entering. A second orange cone will be placed outside our front door when players may begin entering. DO NOT LEAVE YOUR CAR UNTIL YOU SEE THE CONE(S) PRESENT SIGNALING YOU MAY ENTER. Upon getting in line to enter the building, please maintain social distancing as you enter – if need be line up down the sidewalks of the building rather than the parking lot.

- Coaches may arrive 45 minutes before their scheduled start time. We wish to provide coaches additional time to enter so that they can assist in making sure your team members maintain social distancing as they enter and prepare to play.

- Players may arrive 35 minutes before their scheduled start time.

- All individuals will have their temperature checked as they enter. Anyone with a temperature of 100.4 degrees F or more will not be permitted in the building.

- Hands must be washed/sanitized upon entering the building. We also recommend sanitizing your hands during all breaks in play (especially between matches), and before departing the building.

- Each team will be provided their own space to nest. That information will be sent to club directors/coaches separately.

- For individuals riding home with a parent or another person who is picking you up – please exit out of the back door of the facility and arrange to meet your ride there. Those who drove themselves may exit the building through the door that is closest their vehicle.

- All match play will be the best of three sets. The first two sets will be to 25, no cap. The third set will be to 15, no cap. The third set will be played only if necessary to decide match outcome. MN Select site management maintains sole discretion to shorten matches as necessary to insure we stay on schedule.

- Teams will stay on the same side of their court during each match. There will be no handshakes.

- Coaches and team members not playing in the match at that moment that are on the bench must maintain social distancing of 6 feet between them at all times. Note: Chairs will not be provided for team benches.

- A first official will be provided for all matches of the Molten Series.

- Before the first match of the day, each team will get the court for 4 minutes each to hit and serve. The team who will serve first in the first set will take the first four minutes. After your first match of the day, there will be no additional warm-up time between matches. Teams should go immediately to the next court that they play at and start their second round.

- Teams are scheduled to play three matches. There will be a 20-minute break after the second match of each wave unless that break would push the match to later than 30 minutes past the hour. If that is the case, the break could be shortened to just 10 minutes.  During your break, players and coaches may eat in their provided nesting area. Bring in YOUR OWN snacks to eat during this time. Do NOT share food or water. Do NOT leave your nesting area except to use the restroom. Please eat quickly yet safely and return to wearing your mask immediately after eating. During this time, it will be extraordinarily important that all maintain social distancing. Please make sure your area is clean as well.

- We appreciate team coaches working together to start all matches early whenever possible. Note: There will be no organized warm-ups for your third match either.

- To be clear, our site management staff is here to help insure all of the above occurs. They will approach coaches and/or players and ask for assistance as need be. We realize coaches are here to coach and players are here to play! However, to be able to do so, they MUST follow the directions of our site management staff when requested to do so.

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