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Streaming service for this Sunday at Northern Lights
by posted 01/15/2021

Northern Lights has a free streaming service set up to view this Sunday's matches. Follow this link to their bracket site and click the button on the top, right that says streaming instructions. Have a great time!

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Info for Sunday Playdate at Northern Lights
by posted 01/12/2021

Playdate in Burnsville for the 10s team this Sunday, Jan 17.

Link to schedule for MAVA 10s: https://results.tm2sign.com/event/919/event_division/3952/pool_bracket/83478

Start time of 2 PM with two matches in a row. Good Luck!

== Format ==

Until there is a change in the government mandate, the overall format of playdays will be different in 2021 due to COVID-19.  For those of you who participated in the Northern Lights Fall League, the format will be very similar.

Masks will be worn by everyone at all times.  This includes players while they are playing.

The doors will open for your wave 30 minutes before play is scheduled to begin.  If there are still teams from the previous wave on your court, we ask that you wait on the mezzanine until the court is clear before you head downstairs.

When you are done with your day of play, please gather your belongings and exit the building quickly.  There should be no long team meetings held at the warehouse after you finish.  We want to minimize the amount of time the outgoing and incoming waves are exposed to one another.  The number of people allowed in the building is limited and monitored.  If you do not exit the bulding in a timely manner, you may prevent others from entering.

== Front Door Entry ==

The front doors of Midwest Volleyball warehouse will be locked and monitored by our front door staff.  

Upon entry, every single person will be asked if (1) they are experiencing any COVID-like symptoms and (2) if they have been exposed to anyone experiencing COVID-like symptoms.  Please do not allow any player, coach or scorekeeper to enter the building or participate in Power League who you know is showing symptoms of COVID-19 or has potentially been exposed.  If there is any question whether your team or your player should participate, please email the Northern Lights office at   to ask.

Every person entering the building will also have their temperature checked.

Coaches will need to sign-in when they enter the building.  Two coaches per team will be allowed.

We ask that your rosters be kept to 10-11 players maximum.  If your roster has more than 11 players on it, please let us know at  .

== Spectators ==

There will be no spectators allowed inside the building.  No one other than R1 officials, players, coaches and scorekeepers will be allowed inside the building for any reason including to use the bathroom.  

There is the potential that we will be streaming the matches.  This has not yet been finalized but we will let you know if it is in a follow-up email.  .

== Food ==

Concessions will not be provided.  There is very little time to sit and eat with the format as it is.  

Any food brought into the building should be limited to quick, snack-like foods.

Any food that is eaten should be done so in a COVID-safe manner.  For example, players should not be walking around the building with their mask-off eating a protein bar.  We ask that the coaches for each team be responsible for ensuring situations like this do not happen.  

There will not be any large amounts of food allowed into the building - no birthday parties, no communal veggie trays,

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