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Field location
by posted 04/10/2021

Park at baseball field and walk around  

https://goo.gl/maps/hL531QEfyha3Q1n17 Dropped pin

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Game tomorrow
by posted 04/09/2021

Hi everyone - We have game tomorrow at 11:30 at Castle View HS upper 2.  We are wearing dark jerseys.  Please arrive no later than 11 AM for warm ups. I will be coaching the 7th grade team on that same field right before our game.  Coach Aiden will not be there.  

Please, would someone be willing to organize the warm up for me.  I need them dressed and ready to go. I need them partnering up and catching.  I would like them organized on my side of the field where I will be coaching.  Also, I would like their bags all neatly together not thrown wherever they feel like it. As we say on this team, "We are not slobs."




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by posted 04/08/2021

I am Moving practices up 15 min.  

3/4s - Practice will be from 4:15-5:45.  (For some I know it will be tight. Get there when you can.)
7th - Practice will be 5:45-7:15. (Dressed by 5:45)



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by posted 04/07/2021

There are a few parents that ordered new shorts.  I went by the SJ office today and I grabbed them. I'll pass them out tomorrow. 

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by posted 04/05/2021

See you all for practice tonight. 

3/4s - 4:30-6

7th - 6-7:30

Powderhorn West

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Game day tomorrow White Jerseys
by posted 04/02/2021

Good evening Coyote Families - We have a game tomorrow at 10:15 AM at Powderhorn.  This age level of this team doesn't require mask wearing in Jeffco.  So, don't worry about that. Of course, all the parents and fans are required to wear a mask due to JCPH's out door policy. This the last time you'll hear anything about this from me. 

Please have the boys arrive NO LATER than 9:30.  I will be there at 9:15. For those of you who missed practice on Thursday, we went over all the rules.  So, I would like to go over some of those rules in the morning for the others who missed practice. 

Tomorrow is not a good day to forget any equipment. Please triple check that all the equipment is in the car before you leave. This includes a mouth guard. No mouth guard means your son can't play. Please have a water bottle that allows your son to drink water without taking his helmet off.  

I always caution new parents to the sport that tomorrow will be very emotional for some of you. Your kid has been given an opportunity to come to the field with a stick and USE it against the other team. The other team has been allowed to do this too. So, please keep your expectations in check.  It will be total chaos as a new team.  Also, I will not tolerate any parents yelling at the referee.  I promise you, if there is a safety issue, I will defend the boys.  

Tomorrow is going to be fun.  We are wearing our white jerseys. 

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Practice is back on (sorry)
by posted 04/01/2021

As you might imagine, spring break week is hard to manage.  My last email seemed to get everyone's attention better.  

Practice is back on.  

see you at 4:30



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Practice is cancelled
by posted 04/01/2021

We have two boys who can make the practice tonight.  I am going to go ahead and cancel the practice.  

so far we have 6 affirmatives for the game Saturday. If you haven't responded to me, please let me know ASAP. 

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Practice tonight 4:30-6
by posted 04/01/2021

We have practice tonight from 4:30-6 at Powderhorn East.  Please make every attempt to come tonight. We will be going over game rules and the structure of a game.  We have a game Saturday.  Could you please email me ASAP and confirm you will be at the game on Saturday. 

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Tomorrow's practice
by posted 03/28/2021

We will be having practice tomorrow from 4-5:30.  Please note, that is 30 mins earlier then our shceduled time.  See you at Powderhorn West at 4 PM.  Please let me know if you can't attend. 

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