The Edina Baseball Association provides opportunities to play baseball for grades K-12, boys and girls, that reside in Edina, MN or attend school in Edina.

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Game Recap
by posted 09/11/2021

Great game! Lots of hits, lots of outs, lots of smiles! Thank you, parent/guardians, for your support. I'm pretty sure we had the louder cheering section! And thanks to Coach Kara, Coach Tim, and Coach Mitch for making it all happen. 

I am learning a few things about EBA baseball in these opening weeks, for I've coached only for SLP Little League. I was told per the umpire and the other team's coach today that all non-infielders play in the outfield. That means we could have 5-6 outfielders if our whole team is present. (We did 5 today as I went with the suggestion.) I do not like this. It makes for some sloppy play as kids don't actually learn to play the positions. Plus, it doesn't give the hitters the opportunity to hit 2Bs and 3Bs as often - which is a fun part of baseball! So, from now on, I will play only 4 kids in the outfield per standard Little League rules at this age level. I think it is safer and teaches better skill development. This means if 11-12 players are present, some kids will have to sit on the bench each inning. That, too, is part of baseball. I just wanted all to be aware of this, even if the other team chooses to load up the outfield.

Also: I would really love our players to experience the catcher position. The other team opted not to suit up catchers and just have kids stand off behind the plate. I do not like this either. It is time for our kids to learn this position. I know my son, Soren, would play catcher all day, every day. He loves it! But, I want other kids to experience it and begin to develop these necessary skills for baseball. So please talk to your kiddo about playing the position. It isn't for everyone; I know this. But I think each kid ought to discover it for themselves. Who knows, maybe the next Joe Mauer is on our team? The one caveat: they need an athletic cup behind the plate (as I mentioned in a previous note). So, please consider having your ball-player try out the catcther position. You can purchase a cup at Target, to be sure. But, Dick's Sporting Goods or another sporting store will likely have a larger selection.  

Let me know if you have any questions or concerns. 

It really is a ton of fun coaching this group of kids. I look forward to greater skill development over this brief season we have together. And, perhaps we can cobble together a win or two! :) So close today - 11 to 12. Next game is Monday at 6 pm at Normandale Field. Practice starts at 5:30 pm. 

See you on the field! 



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Game Day - Sept 11
by posted 09/10/2021

We are looking forward to our first game tomorrow!

September 11: 12:30 pm practice, 1 pm game. Courtney 4 (7505 Ikola Way). 

Go Team 4!


The Coaches

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by posted 09/07/2021

Greetings Blue Jays (Team 4)! 

Looking forward to another hitting-focused practice tomorrow - September 8 at 5 pm at Weber Field! All coaches agreed that it was great to see the kids swinging and building confidence against the hitting machine on Monday! 

I am writing to encourage parents/guardians to use the RSVP function on our Edina Baseball Association website to indicate if you can make it to the upcoming games. I will use that to build our line-up and assign positions for the whole game. Pre-planning makes game play so much less chaotic. So, it would be incredibly helpful to RSVP a few days before each game.  

Also note: EBA encourages all boys at this age to wear an athletic cup when playing baseball - especially in games. I will leave that decision up to each family. Kids can certainly play without one, but I will not allow kids to play the catcher position without one. So, if you ball player wants to play catcher during a game, an athletic cup is required. (Note: we rotate all positions each inning, except catcher. We will have kids playing catcher for 2 innings in a row for a few reasons, including limiting the amount of kids touching the equipment each game during this pandemic.) 

Thank you for supporting your player and the Blue Jay team! 

See you on the field.




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