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by posted 08/20/2021


Welcome to the 2021 ATLL D3 Fall Season. My name is Anthony Pearcy, and I am excited to have an opportunity to coach your child in the upcoming baseball season. I am new to ATLL organization; however, I have been connected to baseball as a player for 15 years, and as a coach for the last five years. I have found coaching to be very fulfilling and have appreciated each opportunity I have had in the process of developing young baseball players. 

As a coach and as a player, I have found it to be imperative to create an environment, which is fun, positive, and informative, in order for players to develop. It is equally important players are interested in developing their skills and have strong parent support. If we as parents and coaches commit ourselves to assisting and developing our ballplayers, I am confident we will have a rewarding season. 


Our team will practice weekly on Monday evenings from 6:00 p.m., to 7:30 p.m., at Riverside Park (3969 Round Bottom Road, Cincinnati, OH 45244), Field Number 1. Our first practice is on August 23, and our last practice is on October 18.


The Fall schedule has yet to been finalized; however, I was informed today our first game will be next Saturday, August 28. I will forward the start time and location once I am advised. We will play one game per week, on Saturdays. There are no weekday games in the Fall. Our last game will be on October 23. 

While watching games, please attempt to spread out around the field/foul lines. Moreover, at all park district fields, please keep walking paths/tracks clear when setting up your spot to spectate.


ATLL provides jerseys and will loan a helmet, if necessary, which will be distributed at our first practice (8/23). Each player is expected to furnish all other equipment (baseball pants, belt, socks, cleats, athletic cup, glove(s), bat, and helmet). Fall teams do not have a standard name, although, fall teams are identified by color, which ours is maroon. As the name indicates, our team color is also…maroon. For pants, belts, socks, cleats, It was suggested all players wear the same color, as in doing so provides a uniformed appearance. I suggest gray, as gray is easier to clean, than white. Not a big deal either way. 


All bats used in Little League must have a USA Baseball sticker on the bat.

Bats can be as large as 2 5/8” diameter on the barrel. For detailed information on the

new Little League bat standards go here:


Penalties for use of a non-approved bat include the batter being out and the

possible ejection of the manager.

Notable Division 3 Rules:

  • Ages 7-8 
  • Player Pitch
  • No leading off base is allowed.
  • Base Stealing. Runners will be allowed to advance one base, at their own discretion, in the event of a passed ball or wild pitch only while a player is pitching. 
  • Regulation Game. A regulation game shall consist of a minimum of three (3) complete innings. The standard game length is six (6) innings. No new inning shall start after 1 hour 45 minutes has elapsed.
  • Base Distance. The base distance will be 60 feet. 
  • Pitching Distance. - The pitching rubber will be 43 feet from the back of home plate.


  1. Mason Burnes
  2. Mason Coomer
  3. Chase Cooper
  4. Jonah Detter
  5. Christopher Dicker
  6. Jackson Morgan
  7. Colton Neal
  8. Emerson Neal
  9. Cullen Pearcy
  10. Holden Rivet
  11. Jackson Stem

Having 11 players means two players will sit on defense each inning; however, all players will bat in continuous rotation. 

It is important players make practice/games if at all possible. Please let me know at your earliest convenience if your son will be late or not be able to attend a game or practice.

If your player does not feel well, please do not bring him to practices or games.


At this point, I have no assistant coaches. If any of you are willing to help with coaching, it would be greatly appreciated. PLEASE let me if you can help coach ASAP.


We will be using the GameChanger Team Manger app, which can be downloaded from your respective app store, for team communication (along with email) as well as practice and game schedules. GameChanger Team Manger is new to me, so please be patient. I will send invitations/connect with you as soon as possible on the app. It was suggested I recruit a couple of parents to help run Game Changer. Please let me know ASAP if you have interest in being a Game Changer administrator (experience is helpful but not necessary).

Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions or comments that you might have. 


Anthony Pearcy

(513) 617-8082

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Anthony Pearcy 
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