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Westbrook Power Sports Racers Defeated by HK Halls Power 6-5
by posted 05/19/2021

It was a beautiful day to play baseball but not so beautiful of a performance by the Racers.  Killingworth's high elevation may have cut the oxygen intake of the Westbrook players, and coaches, causing a bit of delirium. 

The Good:  Westbrook's bats and base running heated up in the 4th inning after Haddam-Killingworth (HK) cycled through their pitchers.  Brodie drew a leadoff walk and came home with hits by Jameson and Griffin.  Ryan slammed a double allowing Griffin to make it home.  A total of three runs in the fourth.  In the fifth two more runs came in by Evan and Samuel.  Great walks drawn by Jason, Brodie and Evan.  Samuel got a hit and Giovanni didn't want to be left out, so he slammed the ball to the outfield for a double.  Westbrook ended the top of the 5th tied 5-5.  Defensively the Racers catcher threw out an attempted steal to second and a nice pop fly catch was made for two very needed outs.  Ryan came in to pitch the 3rd, 4th and 5th and with some creative pitches got the HK batters to strike out and put the ball in play giving the fielders a chance to earn outs.

The Bad: Solid pitching by HK in the first 3 innings quickly retired Westbrook.  There was a lonely single by Tobias who didn't seemed affected by reduced oxygen levels.  We suspect summers spent in the highlands of the Scandinavian peninsula conditioned him to play in such an environment. We are taking donations to send the rest of the team with Tobias this Summer.  Griffin and Tobias were throwing excellent pitches.  They played Go-Fish with the umpire, trying to find the strike zone, and lost after both hit their max pitch count.  Again, Westbrook gets hampered by bad umpire calls .

The Ugly: HK struck out 8 of the first 10 Westbrook batters making it almost impossible to get on base.  Westbrook players were caught off guard with aggressive and creative base running from HK.  Overthrows everywhere!  Runs were given up due to overreacting.  Curse that darn high elevation!  We have our work cut out for at the next practice.

That's all you get from this non-sportswriter.  I wrote what I could to keep my 4 subscribers happy.

Next two games coming up are against the fearless Westbrook Warriors.


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Racers dominate Essex Mets in 14-1 victory!
by posted 05/17/2021

The Racers had tentative feelings about playing the Mets on Saturday.  Last season Westbrook had their only loss against this strong team.  To make matters worse, broken bits of a baseball were littered around home plate.  Was an Essex batter really so strong to destroy a baseball like that?  How could the Racers compete against such power?  Some might cower from intimidation, but the Racers didn't run away from the fight.

Westbrook started the game with a clear message that they are a force not to be trifled with.  Evidence of this was presented when the first pitch of the game was smashed to the outfield by Griffin and with lightning-fast base running to get him to third.  A game opening triple! Tobias and Ryan followed along sending the same message - that the Racers were here to play hard - by both hitting singles giving Westbrook an early lead 3-0 before the top of the inning was over.

The offense continued strong in the second inning with Sammy the Shark attacking the Mets with a leadoff single.  Jameson did his best to avoid an inside pitch but braved out being hit and took his rightful place on first.  Keen eyesight by Brodie and Grayson drew walks to keep the bases crowded with Racer’s runners.  Griffin not being bashful went for a second helping of hits with a single bringing home his compadres on base.  Tobias, one upping his previous single with a double brought Griffin home and the team reached mercy maxing out at 5 runs for the inning.

Apparently, 8 runs weren’t enough for the Racers as Ryan made it home in the third to score 1 run with a nice double for himself and hits for Evan and Oliver.  No one wanted to be a showoff, so it was a 1,2,3 inning in the 4th.  Westbrook did not want to overdo it with charity so in the 5th added 5 more runs by Grayson, Giovanni, Griffin, Tobias and Ryan.  Anthony was in full stride and strong foot planted on home plate but the run didn't count due to the 5 run mercy rule.  Four walks drawn in the 5th by Grayson, Giovanni, Tobias and Anthony.  Nice singles from Ryan and Evan.  Griffin might have struck a nerve with Essex as he took a pitch to the back. I'm sure it wasn't personal.  

The early season pitching uncertainty has become much clearer now with strong performances from 4 Racers pitchers.  Tobias started things off well with no runs after 2 innings.  He gave Essex some pitches to hit and they took advantage.  But, being the clutch pitcher he is, Tobias worked his way out of any trouble he was in. Griffin, had a busy day ahead with 3 baseball games on his schedule. He didn’t want to over exert himself so he clamped down on Essex, getting 3 outs by throwing only 8 pitches! That has got to be a team record!  Ryan pitched the 4th strong with some creative deliveries.  While throwing hard and straight to get ahead of a batter, Ryan lobs a change-up over the plate confusing the batter for a swinging strike.  What did we just see?  Is this really Little League Minors baseball?  Anthony exercised his arm by making his second appearance on the mound to close out the 5th keeping Westbrook in the lead and walking off the field with the victory.

Another great performance from this team with 6 games under their belt and 5-1 record.
Busy week ahead with 3 games and 2 practices.  GO WESTBROOK!

Team news can be found at: https://www.leagueathletics.com/Bulletins.asp?MyTeam=651426&org=westbrooklittleleague.org

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Westbrook Power Sports beats Clinton Sweitzer 11-0!
by posted 05/12/2021

Another commanding victory for the Racers this week.  It was the second time facing this developing Clinton team and the Racers were clued in on how to maximize runs.

Base stealing was the name of the game and key hits bringing the runners home.  Although, there were 7 runners left on base and the 5 runs per inning mercy rule hit once, the Racers had their most at bats in a single game this season.  A full lineup with all 13 rostered players made an appearance.

Griffin delivered yet another amazing pitching performance.  He kept his pitch count low, maintaining a consistent momentum through 4 innings, showing solid throwing from the mound.  Clinton wasn't shy with their swings but Griffin worked the always drifting and dynamic strike zone the umpire decided to have.

Ryan caught beautifully, as part of the dynamic duo team, with Griffin for the first 3 innings.  Anthony made his second appearance wearing the mask to catch Griffins last inning keeping Clinton shutdown from scoring any runs.

Switching things up, the way we like to do with a strong lead, Ryan jumped on the mound in the 5th throwing his heat.  A ball or two, too powerful for the rookie catcher's new mitt, might have popped out but Anthony quickly scooped it up to keep things under control.  Although, only 3 outs served, Ryan served well, shutting down Clinton for yet another inning.

Last but not least, Anthony made his pitching debut in the bottom of the 6th inning.  With the biggest grin, in all of minors baseball, on his face, maybe even tongue sticking out of the corner of his mouth occasionally, Anthony clamped down further on Clinton keeping them scoreless.  He took home the game ball for being the team's needed utility player jumping into new spots when asked to step up.

Even the almighty himself did not know what strike zone the umpire was using but the Racers were still able to get a piece of the ball for a total of 14 hits. The most hits for a player goes tied with Ryan and Griffin both hitting a double each and 2 singles.  Griffin made it home 3 times, clearly showing he knows his way around the diamond.

Two runs scored by Ryan, one run each for Tobias, Anthony, Jason, Giovanni, Evan, and Samuel with a practice perfected slide at home plate.

Some noticeable base running by Dominic that turned a single into a triple by taunting the defense to make overthrows.  Jason braved out being hit by a pitch in the ankle remaining in the game to make it to base 2 more times.  Brodie drew the most walks in the game showing his keen sight searching for the perfect pitch to hit but in this case Clinton wasn't able to deliver.

Great job Racers!  Next game this Saturday in Deep River at 10am

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Racers Victory 11-7
by posted 05/08/2021

Congratulations Racers playing a great game beating E. Haddam Seadogs 11-7.

Pitching by starter Tobias was strong and he went to the third inning.  He handed the ball over to Ryan to keep his pitch count low so to be the starter on the next game Tuesday.  Ryan took over defending the Racers lead and bringing the team to victory.

Anthony made his debut as catcher behind the plate.  He stepped up in a time of need and did great catching the powerful pitches from Ryan.  When on the offense Anthony made it to base 3 times and scored 2 runs!

Rookie Giovanni was awared the game ball for two hard hit singles and coming home twice to score.

The Racers showed patience at the plate keeping a close eye on the pitches.  Combined, the team only struck out 4 times and drew 12 walks with most leading to runs scored by some great base running.

On defense the Racers struggled against the Seadogs catcher who hit an in the park homerun at his first at bat.  But, the Racers weren't fooled a second time and kept the batter to only a triple on an equally explosive hit to the outfield at his second time to the plate.  Great hustle from outfielders and cut-off players to get the ball back to the pitcher.

Additional runs scored: Tobias 2; Jason 2; Ryan 1; Evan 1; Oliver 1

Thank you to Jessie Lernmark for running the scoreboard.

Keep up the great work Racers.  Keep your 3-1 W/L ratio going strong.

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