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Change Team: 
Game Locations-
by posted 10/15/2021


Please find information for our games below- Yep, we are moving locations between our games. Not optimal but it is the cards we've been dealt.  

I am excited to play different teams and see if the skills we've been working on in practice and in some of our games translate to the field.  We've been really working on taking the time to see the open man, to move the ball, and not dodge the entire other team to score. I'd almost say learning to play team lacrosse and not individual lacrosse. We are also working on playing good D, not following the ball around, 2 men on a ground ball--with the other two ready to stop ball if the other team wins in the scrum, or ready to catch a pass and set up a fast break if we win the ground ball.

Fall has always been about growing the program. Offering new players the opportunity to fall in love with the sport in a laid back, not super competitive environment. Allowing kids that already love lacrosse the opportunity to play another sport (flag football,soccer, tennis) while still keeping a stick in their hand. This fall I really encouraged the kids to not only have fun, but to see all the parts of the game--not just scoring a goal. See you all (except those who've told me they can't make it) for some chilly, early morning, fall lacrosse in Broomfield!  


 Sunday 17 OCT-

Game One: 9:00 @ Welford Farm Field 8


  • Field 8: Welford Farms: 615 W 169th Pl, Broomfield CO 80023


Game Two: 11:00 @ Soaring Eagle Park 7


  • Field 7: Soaring Eagle Park: 15920 Lowell Blvd, Broomfield, CO 80023

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Sunday's Games
by posted 10/13/2021


Well, the schedule is out..

We are playing at 9:00 and 11:00...location TBD..we think it will be at Sienna Park, but please stay tuned for confirmation of that. 

CYLA is asking that you fill out the waiver: Click Here to Complete the required Waiver for the CYLA 10.17 Play Day

I'm sorry for the all the vague details, I just convey what is being passed down- and am super frustrated.

Either way, please plan to be "somewhere" in Broomfield by 8:30, dressed and ready to go-

Thank you, 


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Game today at 11:00
by posted 10/10/2021


 Just a reminder today's game is at 11:00, please be at the field dressed and ready 30 minutes early. 

Thank you, 


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