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Change Team: 
Game Locations-
by posted 10/16/2021


  Final schedule is out and it's not optimal. We are playing at two different fields at 8:00 and then both teams are moving to other fields for the 10:00 games. What does this mean--other than we all get to pack up and move parks? It means my plans to mix up the players each game isn't going to work. I've had to actually set up teams.  Speaking candidly, with 5 players not coming, we are short handed resulting in moving players around- add to it we are playing 7v7 so teams are smaller so your player may be playing with different kids. Smaller teams means less subs, guessing your player will be on the field for most (if not all of the game). This is an opportunity to really push ourselves, to play heads up, fast and fun lacrosse. Also, we have only 1 goalie, so please ask your player if they'd be willing to step into the goal for 1/2 a game. Luke is going to give it a try, but we still need 2/3 more. 

It's exciting to go play Denver teams rather than the same 4 teams from down here. This fall season was, well, not great. I was hoping that playing a mix of 6/7th would teach us things like- how to get big on offense. How to not dodge a long pole and look for the match up. On D-- how to stay closer to home, how to be the slide--And I think in the long run we did get the opportunity to learn those things. Nevertheless, I think Coach Matt will be looking for a different opportunity for us next fall.

It is my hope that everyone will go out there Sunday, have fun, and play their hearts out. Schedules will come in the next email.

As always- thank you for the opportunity to coach these kids. I love the time I spend with them and amazed every time I'm with them at the incredible young men they are becoming. 


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Confirmation of Games Sunday
by posted 10/13/2021



 The schedule is out and pretty final: both 7v7 teams will be playing at 8 and 10 - "somewhere" in Broomfield. 

 Yes, I am as frustrated as you. Yes, I find their lack of planning annoying, and yes, I'm super excited to be playing 6th grade teams. 

They have promised field location to be finalized by tomorrow night-- We are guessing Sienna Park, but that is totally not solid. Hold tight for actual location. 

Thank you for your patience... 



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No Practice 10/12
by posted 10/12/2021


We are NOT going to practice tonight. Sorry for the short notice. 

Please rest up and be ready for our Broomfield games on Sunday. 

Schedule is in its final stages. Sadly we will be playing at 8:00. I have requested a time change, but doubtful it will happen. 

More info to follow once I have final schedule. 

Also, I need everyone to be there. We are playing 7v7 and I put in 2 teams. There are already a handful of players that will not  be making the games and we are VERY short on subs. 

Thank you and stay tuned-


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