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Mid-Season Update
by posted 05/10/2021

Team Black:

We are now 5 games into our season, so thought it was a good time to check in and de-brief a bit with all the parents. 

As our players have heard us say a lot recently, we are seeing a ton of improvement in Team Black.  The results of the first games are not reflective of the awesome team these girls have become.  They are supportive of each other and give us their best practice or game.  The girls are clearly growing more confident in their basic stick skills and ready to move on to developing an increased sense of the game. 

Some specifics:

  • Apparent in the games is the defensive mindset - these girls are great at marking up;
  • On attack, we are more comfortable holding the ball and letting players get open instead of forcing a bad pass;
  • Our shooting is really developing - more smashing it in instead of passes to the goalies!

Some things we are working on in the next week (and more):

  • Transitioning the ball down the field with more passes (catching the defense in transition more);
  • cutting to get open on attack; and
  • getting there first (be it on the ground or in the air). 

It's never fun to lose a bunch of games, but we focus on keepign things positive with the girls.  At U11, we are still very much focused on the girls having funa dn developing good skills.  They'll have plenty of time down the road to worry about results.  They will come naturally with the good, positive foundation we are trying to lay now.  If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to any of us. 

-Your coaches

Nina, Kate and Hannah

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