OUR MISSION...Foster the sport of lacrosse in a safe, fun, enthusiastic, and competitive environment to all interested boys grades 3-12 in the footprint serving Sammamish and Interlake High Schools.

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Lacrosse is a Club Sport at Interlake High School

What does this mean? Lacrosse is not governed by the WIAA, we are governed by the Washington High School Boys Lacrosse Association (WHSBLA). Our non-profit is responsible for all fees associated with running the lacrosse program. This is why you have to complete PART 2 of the registration process.

High School Lacrosse Registration is a Two Part process.
Make sure you are cleared to start practice. Registration must be complete to turn in to the WHSBLA
Spring sports practice starts March 2ndComplete PART 1 & 2 NOW!

√ Registration PART 1
Complete spring sport registration through FINAL FORMS

All fees except ASB card (required for sports) are to be paid upon PART 2 of registration through our website. If you have paid for an ASB card this school year, DO NOT purchase one through Final Forms.
You will need to complete the following on your school website:

  1. Spring Sports Registration at INTERLAKE
  2. Spring Season Concussion Impact Testing Registration
  3. This is valid for 2 years. If you are current you do not need to test.
  4. Up to date sports physical

Sports Physical Form (also available through your school)
Contact your athletic secretary for more information 

Krystyn Higgins 

√ Registration PART 2
Complete Lacrosse registration through silacrosse.org

1. Spring Interlake High School Boys Lacrosse Registration through silacrosse.org 
First Time Players receive a special discount, discount code: IHSNEWPLAYER
2. US Lacrosse Membership
This is required to play lacrosse ($35). Follow process to become member during spring registration through silacrosse.org.

Scholarships Available: Don't let the cost of lacrosse deter you from playing. Apply for a scholarship today.

Lacrosse Gear: I'm new and don't have gear. No problem, we provide adequate gear to play lacrosse. Contact the coach to reserve lacrosse gear.

Team Apparel: Fee process TBD. Due to quantity discounts we can’t give an adequate estimate till final registration is determined. Not to exceed $100.

Interlake Lacrosse Spiritwear: Click here to see additional spiritwear not associated with team apparel.

Looking forward to an exciting Interlake Lacrosse spring season.

Spread the word of Interlake Lacrosse to your friends. Lacrosse is a no cut sport. 
Who's name will be on the leaderboard for the 2020 first and/or most list...first goal, most blocks, first broken lacrosse head etc. 

In our first year, every first time senior who came out to play, wished they played it sooner. COME SEE WHAT IT’S ALL ABOUT.

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