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Game Saturday 12/7/19
by posted 12/06/2019

Parents - Game tomorrow (12/7) 12:30pm @ Our Lady of Mercy CYP in Port Chester. ( Some notes below about directions) Please arrive 30mins before the start so we can get a proper warmup. See everybody tomorrow and thank you in advance. We will not hold practice Saturday night after our game , so the 5:30-7pm practice is off. 


Our Lady of Mercy-CYP in Port Chester 

Building entrance is 2/3 of the way down the street on left.   Parking in large back lot (entrance on Spring Street).   Walk through smaller lot adjacent to building (wrought iron gate opens from latch at the top).  No parking in lot adjacent to the building in the spaces marked reserved.


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Practice Thursday 12/5
by posted 12/03/2019

Parents - We have had a good start to the season as we ease into our game schedule. As the season progresses we will start to play more competitive and experienced teams. With that said we want to make sure all players attend pratice just like last Saturday.  We appreciate your support here and look forward to getting better as a team. We will see everybody this Thursday 7:30-9pm . ( Please arrive a couple mins early so we can start on time !) Thank you all kindly.

Coach Austin

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