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8/5 Game Recap
by posted 08/05/2020

Well sports fans the boys showed up to play tonight nabbing 13 runs on 29 hits and impressively notching 4 outs on the evening to up thier defensive game including thier first double play of the season. The White shirts brought home the W over the blues winning 13-0 and staying alive to fight another day.

The away team started up first and couldn't get much going to start out. Our boys started out with a knock from Brayden the Basher to get us moving. Kasey moved it along with a nice hit to put 2 runners on. William the Warrior smashed another that scored a run and put runners on 1st and 2nd. Hank hit one hard up the middle forcing a fielders choice to nab William at 2nd but the socre was 1-0.

The 2nd inning started with a huge hit from the away team followed up by 2 K's. Another 2 hits loaded the bases but a nice unassisted 1-5 rundown by Brayden to third base ended the inning. The second started out slow with 2 quick outs but Brayden got us moving again hitting safely to land at first. Liam launched one through the infeild and Kasey connected to load up the bases. William once again whopped one into the field to score a run making the score 2-0. 

The 3rd inning started out very lucky for us with 3 back to back K's. We came back to plate ready to make some middle inning difference. Hunter smacked one out and Tyler reached on his hit and than Jake followed suit by making good contact and loading up the bases. Brayden bonked one to score another run and Kasey, William, and Hank all drove nicely hit balls to score 3 more. Hunter came back around and connected again to score the 5th and final run. The score was now a much safer 7-0. 

The 4th inning brought some defensive heroics. After a runner got on first and a K William caught a pop fly at pitcher and threw to Brayden at first for a double fly. The bottom of the 4th saw 2 quick outs again but a nice rally continue with Brayden, Liam, and Kasey "stay on the bag" killer loading the bases. William, Hank and Hunter all had solid hits to score 3 more runs. With the score 10-0 we headed to the 5th. 

A couple of strikeouts and a force out play at first by Hank prevented anyone from reaching. The bottom of the 5th arrived and the boys hitting consistency continued. Brayden, Liam and Kasey all connected to load it up again and William, Hank the Tank, and Hunter all drove in runs to make it 13-0. 

The top of the 6th came the blues started with a hit but a couple of K's ended the inning and secured the victory. 

It was a nice win and a solid performance by all.

Hank got a gameball for his 4-5 and 4 RBI night with a defensive out.

Tyler got a gameball for continuing to make contact all night and engage in epic rundowns at 1st. 

We did enough to make it back into finals consideration and we look ahead to next Tuesday and a chance to redeem ourselves. 

Coach D








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8/3 Game Recap
by posted 08/04/2020

So the white lighting came out on the wrong end of the scoreboard but we threatened to stay in it most of the night. Just couldn't string enough hits together to make a dent in the blues armor and missed a few too many plays on defensive by a second or less. We move onto Wednesday with another change to stay alive and play the game we love.

The blues got after it early with 3 hits in a row to load the bases. A force out at 3rd by Hank took out a runner and after 2 more hits with Jake stopping one from rolling all the way to the fence and 2 K's they only scored 3. Our bats came out with both Hank and Brayden connecting putting runners at the corners. William launched one that pushed Hank to score but Brayden ended up on the wrong end of a fielders choice. Liam connected to get another on but a 1-3 play on a hard hit ball from Hunter ended the inning. Blues 3-Whites 1.

The second inning defensively faired a little better with only one run scoring on 3 hits of play and a nice force out at first handled by Brayden. Unfortunately we couldn't get any momentum either with Hank notching the only base hit and left stranded. Blues 4-Whites 1. 

The middle innings once again became our achilles heel as the blues mounted a 8 hit 5 run inning. A few unlucky hit balls by the bottom of the order where we just couldn't secure them followed up by some monster shots by the top of the order piled them up.  We came back ready to bat though as Kasey, William and Liam all singled to load up the bases. Hunter was caught at first on his hit but it scored a run on a fielders choice. Tyler safely hit driving in another run. Two back to back strikeouts ended our come back in the 3rd but made it a more manageable 9-3. 

The blues didn't let up and our middle inning blues stayed with us as they lit up another 8 hits and 5 runs. The highlight of the inning though was a throw to first from Kasey to Hank to nab a nice out we had been driving to get. We took to the plate down 14-3 and after a quick 4-3 out on a nice hit ball we started getting into the open areas. Kasey, William, and Liam repeated their 3rd inning show by loading up the bases again but another K in between left it to Tyler to keep us moving who hit safely driving in a run. Another K ended our climb back. Blues 14-Whites 4. 

The 5th inning we showed up defensively by grabbing a few lucky K's on big hitters and a clutch popup grab by Kasey at shortstop to limit them to no runs for the first time that night. As we entered the bottom of the 5th a black cat crossed into the outfield which we all hoped was a sign of bud luck for the team taking the field. Our bats lit up with Brayden, Kasey, and William all connecting. Brayden was caught at 3rd for the 1st out taking our lead runner but Liam connected to get on and move runners and than Hunter hit a monster shot into the outfield that scored 2 runs. A nice 1-3 defensive play by the blues ended our attack and brought the score to 14-6. 

The final inning arrived and we were able to capitalize on a couple of strikeouts and a nice Hunter to Brayden 4-3 play to hold them to one run. The boys gave it a valiant effort at the bottom of the 6th with Jake making contact to start out but just unable to beat the throw. Hank hit a hard line drive to get to 1st  and Kasey and William both connected to load the bases again for the third time that night. A nice defensive play on a ball hit right to 3rd took our last out and the night was done. 

Kasey got a game ball for a couple of nice defensive plays and his 4/5 work at the plate. 

Brayden got one as well for his defensive work. 

Double elimination format so we have another chance with a win or go home game on Wednesday. 





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7/29 Game Recap
by posted 07/29/2020

Well Team R fans it was a roller coaster ride tonight with the Blue team coming out on top out scoring our boys 15-11. It was another hot one and on an unfamiliar field but our boys started strong and battled back in the end but came up a little short. 

The first inning started out with some defensive work with a couple of K's and a nice force out by Hunter at second to keep the blues to just 2 runs. Our bats lit up the 1st inning with Hank leading off and Brayden and Kasey the Killer following suit to load up the bases. William the Wallace drove a nice ball out to score Hank and than Liam, Tyler and Jake the Snake all notched hits to drive in three more runs. Hammering Hank came back with a shot to score Liam and the inning was over and the good guys were up 5-2. 

The blues cames up in the second and fortunately stalled out with a couple of K's and a nice force out at 1st by Kasey. Brayden the barbarian came up and notched another hit to start us off with Kasey and William both hitting to send a run home. A lucky hit pop up nabbed a double play that ended the inning but not after we were up 6-2.

The blues tried again to mount an assault and were able to add 2 more runs to thier tally with some decent hitting but were halted by a couple K's and a 1-3 play from Kasey to Brayden at first. The white shirts bats started to quiet down and some good defense took over in the middle innings. Liam annd Tyler the Tiger both connected but some K's and a tagout at 2nd ended the inning bringing the score to 6-4 as we headed to the top of the 4th.

The 4th inning brought some more scoring for the blues as they took the lead. After some monster shots into the outfield by the top of the line up they tacked on 4 runs to bring it to 8-6. Unfortunately our 4th inning attack was limited by some good defense and balls hit right to gloves and we walked away still down. 

The away team must have smelled blood as they packed on another 4 runs in the 5th to bring the score to 12-6 bad guys. The white shirts were determined but were taken aback and the 5th went away quick with only Hank, Brayden, and Kasey reaching before a force out ended the inning with no more runs. 

The top of the 6th arrived and the blues were able to add 3 more runs but in the midst Liam got a nice tagout at 3rd base to keep them from continuing to score. With the score 15-6 the whites needed a rally. Hunter got us started with a nice shot that landed him at 2nd and Liam battered one out to keep it moving. Tyler connected and reached safely to move runners along and Brayden bashed one up the 3rd base line to score more runs. Kasey the Killer smashed it to score another and the score was now 15-9 and the momentum had finally shifted. William launched one that scored another 2 runs making it 15-11 and now the rally caps were on. Unfortunately with 2 outs the final K ended the rally and the chance of victory slipped away.

William nabbed a game ball for going 5 for 5 with some monster shots to the fence line.

Kasey got a game ball for his play at first base and 4 for 5 work at the plate.

Liam also got a gameball for his out at 3rd and going 3 for 4 in a days work.

While the boys lost tonight they saw what it was like to play from behind and now know what is needed to win in the playoffs. We will RISE UP next week. 

Coach D



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