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Conflicts for 7/9- 7/12
by posted 07/09/2020

Wolfpack parents, 

Below are the conflicts for every team  for this week. If your son has a conflict and is not on this list, please email me ASAP. As a reminder, please have your player at the field in full uniform 30 minutes before game time. Thanks and Go Pack!



11U RED: Fogarty, Tymniak, Sullivan (all game 1), Espach (both)

ADD Kady and Murphy




FRIDAY 7/10:

11U BLACK: Palumbo (both)




9U BLACK: Espach (injury)

9U RED: Vendig, Rodriguez 




11U WHITE: Forsyth (both)

16/17U: Rivera, Frost (injury)


SUNDAY 7/12:

12U: ADWIN (both)


9U RED: Vendig (both)

9U BLACK: Espach (injury)

16/17U: Frost (injury)

11U WHITE: Forsyth

11U RED: Landsman


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12U conflicts week of 7/6-7/12
by posted 07/03/2020

Wolfpack parents,

Each week, I will send a conflicts email out about players that are unable to make games. This allows the coaches to know who will be at what games. Below are the conflicts for this week's games. If your son has a conflict and is not on this list, please email me ASAP. Thanks!

Finally, Keri Adwin is looking to see if anybody is around to discuss car pooling for practices and games. If so, please contact her at keriadwin@gmail.com


Tuesday (7/7): Leavay (both), Staub (both) Sanner (game 1)

Sunday (7/12): Leavay (both)



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Practice Guidelines for Redding (9u-13u)
by posted 07/02/2020

Wolfpack parents,

Below you will find the CoVid guidelines when practicing at the Boys and Girls Club in Redding.

For drop off, please use the first parking lot as you pull into the facility. From there, the kids can walk to their designated fields. All players should have a mask with them, but will not be required to wear it during practice/physical activity. All coaches will be wearing masks.

Dugouts will not be used, players will leave their gear along the 1st or 3rd base line fences with their team. We look forward to getting outside and getting some baseball in!


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by posted 06/30/2020


Unfortunately today is canceled due to the weather. Today's practice will be made up this Friday. Same time slots, same location. Thanks and Go Pack! 

-Chris Fournier 

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Outdoor Practices - Important
by posted 06/27/2020

Wolfpack Parents,

We have secured fields for outdoor practices for all age levels! The indoor practices next week have been canceled, and have been replaced with outdoor practices. Please check out your team schedule. Full uniform to all outdoor practices. Game schedules have also been finalized for all age levels. 13U local is the only schedule that needs games added and we are in the process of doing so. Reminder, no later than 30 minutes to all games, dressed and ready to play. Please let me know if you have any questions. Thank you and Go Pack! 

-Chris Fournier 

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East Shore COVID-19 Guidelines
by posted 06/25/2020

  East Shore Travel League Covid-19 safety plan 

“Play it Safe!” 

Covid—19 Operational Guide

  1. On Field Play


  1. Rules for Players


  • Social Distancing will always be observed by each player to the extent possible throughout their time at the field
  • Batters may be required to wear a face mask/gaiter as a batter and as a baserunner, depending on what rules apply for each individual town/city requires 
  • Players in the field may wear a facemask at their own discretion
  • No physical contact by teammates is permissible (high fives, handshakes, etc.)
  • No team huddles allowed.  Team meeting will take place only in areas where safe social distancing between players is feasible
  • Maximum of 3 players and/or coaches in the dugout.  Face masks must be worn
  • Players will remain outside the fence area at a minimum of 6 feet apart when they are not on the playing field
  • No sharing of any equipment is allowed.  All players must provide their own equipment including bats, helmets and gloves.
  • No sunflower seeds, gum or spitting is permitted
  • No food is allowed inside the dugouts or on the field
  • Each player will bring hand sanitizer to the field and keep it at their chair for use between innings if they touched a baseball
  • Each team will use their own set of baseballs when they are in the field
  • Between innings the baseballs used in play will be wiped or sprayed with sanitizer


  1. Rules for Coaches   
  • Coaches will maintain a safe social distance from each other, the players and umpires
  • During pitcher mound trips, only the coach and the pitcher, catcher must stay at his position and no other player can join the coach & pitcher. 
  • Coaches must wear a mask if inside the dugout 
  • The Head Coach will be designated as the “point person” should an injury take place on the field.  That coach will wear a mask and put on disposable gloves before approaching the player.
  • Coaches will wear a disposable glove to pick up the bat for the player after each at bat
  • Coaches will bring hand sanitizer to the field for use between innings
  • Coaches will spray or wipe down benches after the conclusion of their game(s)
  • Coaches are responsible for enforcement of social distancing guidelines for their teams
  1. Rules for Umpires


  • Umpires will follow all social distancing guidelines as set forth by their league
  • Umpires are not allowed inside the dugouts
  • Home plate umpire will remain at least 6 feet away from the catcher
  • Home plate umpire may call balls and strikes from behind the mound
  • Two-man system: The home plate umpire will call balls and strikes from behind the pitcher’s mound, 2nd Umpire will start in the “A” position.
  • One Umpire system: The Home plate umpire will call balls n strikes behind the pitcher’s mound and the remainder of the field.
  • Administration of baseballs will be the responsibilities of the teams. If a player goes to their mouth and handles a ball during play, the mechanic will be a delayed dead ball and then the ball must be taken out of play. Should the umpire observe the pitcher, touch the baseball after going to his mouth, the umpire shall call time and request the ball be replaced and sanitized before being used in the game again. Umpires should be patient as there is expected to be an adjustment period. Resistance to comply by the player shall result in a warning and ejection for repeated refusal to comply. Sanitizer must be provided by the site for each field and/or on the field. (Umpires will not wear a Ball bag)
  • If a baseball needs to be inspected, the umpire shall ask for the baseball to be shown to him or have the ball thrown out of play to the defensive team’s bench area and the ball replaced.
  • No Coach(s), Players, spectators will be able to approach an Umpire on/or off the field. 1st warning, 2nd ejection 3rd Game forfeit
  • All Appeals will be address from the dugout. Umpire(s) will handle it accordingly
  • Payment to umpires must be contained in an envelope – umpires will not directly handle cash or checks. A brief pregame meeting at home plate with each team’s head coach is recommended to cover ground rules and any general questions. Lineup cards are not to be taken by the umpires.
  • At the start of the game umpire(s) will have the authority to terminate any game at any time if there is any participant not following the safety rules provided by the state guidelines. (No Exceptions)
  • Umpire must always have a face covering available: For communications at pre game, if they are unable to comply with the 6-foot guideline, as they approach and leave the playing field, if they need to talk to coaches and players and the distance is closer than six feet and for any Umpire-to-Umpire discussions. No Face shields allowed
  • Umpires are encouraged to park in areas away from where players and spectators are parked. Umpires shall allow one full parking space between their vehicle and the vehicle of their umpire partner
  • Umpires must stay in their designated area in between innings – no conferencing with fellow umpires, coaches, players, or spectators.
  • Umpires must clean and disinfect their equipment after each game.
  • Should the umpire observe the pitcher, or any fielder touch the baseball after going to his mouth, the umpire shall call time and request the ball be replaced and sanitized before being used in the game again. Umpires should be patient as there is expected to be an adjustment period. Resistance to comply by the player shall result in a warning and ejection for repeated refusal to comply.
  • Umpires shall NOT be required to enforce compliance with COVID-19 guidelines and protocols.  However, if an umpire observes anyone not following any approved safety guidelines, protocols or rules on the field of play, they may ask the offending person or persons to comply with the protocols, leave the ballpark, or they may terminate the game. I would strongly recommend seeking assistance from the head coach where the violation is observed and terminate the game only as a last resort. Such an unusual situation should be reported by the umpires to their assignor immediately after the game.  




  1. Rules for Spectators


  1. Logistics


  • Each “Town” will have their own area/side for viewing the game, and they must remain in the area designated for the home team and the visiting team 
  • White marking spray, orange cones and yellow tape may be used to section off areas to help define guidelines and areas for viewing
  • Spectators must maintain a safe social distance of 6 feet or greater from each family unit as required by the State of CT 
  • The use of bleachers is not permitted
  • No sharing of food or drink between families is allowed
  • All items brought to the field must be removed from the field by each family
  • Portable restrooms will be provided at all fields and cleaned regularly by the sanitation company
  • Each field will have a designated “Safety Coordinator” who is responsible for reminding spectators of the rules and guidelines at our fields






  1. Operations and Communications


  • We will communicate with the families to let them know what supplies they need to bring to the field
  • Parents and players will be asked to proactively report any illness to the Head Coach if a player feels ill
  • If a player is sick, they are not allowed to attend a game or practice until cleared by their doctor to resume activities
  • Weekly communication to our teams will provide reminders, updates and ask for information regarding possible exposure to Covid-19 in any family 
  • No on site food truck vendors
  • No on site concession stands
  • Batting cages must be limited to social distancing and only one team at a time in any cage.  


  1. Supplies


Each team must have the following supplies that will help them maintain a safe environment for the players, such as:


  • Hand sanitizer 
  • Disposable masks
  • Disposable gloves
  • Disinfectant wipes, sprays


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