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Welcome to the Mets!
by posted 03/07/2020

Hello Mets!


My name is Damon Dowdall, and I wanted to welcome everyone to the Central Loudoun Little League Majors National League Mets!  As the Head Coach of the team, I am really excited to meet everyone and get the season started. 



A little background on myself.  I have been coaching in Central Loudoun Little League since T-Ball in 2012.  I have two boys in CLLL, one is in Juniors, and the other, Brayden, is on our team.  Brayden is 10 years old and is in the 5th grade at Selden’s Landing.  I believe this will be the 20th CLLL regular season team that I have coached, and I’ve also been a head coach and assistant coach in All Stars.   



Our team is made up of 12 kids, ranging in ages from 10-12.  (League age 11 – 12).  Some have played Majors before, while others have not.  I have coached a few of our team members in years past.  The roster is:

  • Tanner Allen
  • Noah Blubaugh
  • Christopher Chinn
  • Brayden Dowdall
  • Anderson Faulkner
  • Tyler Glancey
  • Kyle Knapp
  • James Nanna
  • Calvin Rosati
  • Lochlan Snyder
  • Blaine Stowe
  • Mark Van Tuyle



The Main Objectives for our team are:

  • Commitment to getting better at baseball - players, coaches, and parents
  • Play hard with a great attitude – sportsmanship, hustle, focus, effort, respect and coachability
  • Have fun



The #1 commitment from the coaches is to improve the kids’ baseball abilities.  That means we will do our best to balance being competitive along with putting the kids in positions where they can improve.   Therefore we will rotate kids on the field to get them exposure to all positions, and all kids will roughly play equal amounts of time.  Also, any kid that wants to pitch, will be given the chance.  I want to stress that this philosophy is not win at all costs, but we do expect our kids to give their best effort to win at all times.  That being said, as we get to the playoffs, we will definitely position the kids to maximize our chance of winning.  But that’s a long way off, so let’s worry about getting the kids better for now. 



Uniforms/Jerseys – In the Majors, the boys get to pick a number and will have their name on the back of their jersey.  Because it’s a custom order, we have to get the size and number choice in ASAP, so they may be ordered on Monday.  Therefore, please reply with both by Sunday night.  For # choices, please provide a first and second choice. 



Schedule - The full season schedule is posted.  Our practices are Monday’s at Bolen Park from 8pm – 9:30pm.  (Note our first practice is Wednesday 3/18 as the one exception).  Games are at 6pm on Tuesday and Friday’s, starting Tuesday, March 31st.  Opening Day is Saturday, March 28th, and there will be no games over Spring Break.  (But we do play on Friday 4/3).  We’ll have the playoffs once the season is over in late May/early June.   



Communications – We will be using 2 methods:

  • Email - I will use the CLLL website for all email communications.  Therefore, please ensure your email contact information is updated in the system.  Plus any emails I send out will be posted on our team page on the website so you can refer back to it if needed.   (You should also sign up for league provided text reminders of scheduled events and rainouts on the website – all very useful info). 


  • WhatsApp – WhatsApp is great for sharing pictures/videos (one of the boys sliding home to win the game), sending out notes to the team that need to be viewed immediately ("cancelling practice due to the rain"), requests for help ("can someone bring Joey to practice tonight for me"), etc.  It's a better alternative to email for short messages that need to be viewed in real time and for sharing media.   Please download WhatsApp on your mobile phone and activate it.  (The whole process takes 5 minutes).  Once done send me an email with your mobile phone # and then I'll add you to the group.  Please do it by Wednesday, March 11th, so we’re ready to use it right away.



If there are any medical/allergy concerns that I should be aware of, please let me know. 



Lastly I need everyone to respond and let me know they received this email. 



OK, that’s it for now.  Sorry for the long email.  Feel free to reach out to me with any questions. 


Go Mets!


Coach Damon


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