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Update- Feedback requested
by posted 05/21/2020


Hard to believe we were supposed to practice on March 11, and we canceled it out of precaution, and here we are two months later and haven't played. I hope all of you and your families are safe during these trying and historic times.

There DOES seem to be a small (yet true) glimmer of hope, as we think youth sports may (key word "may") reopen around the end of June. With that said, depending on rules, other teams, and whether Cal Ripken moves forward with a state tournament, we are working on a few ideas on how we could play. But in order for it to be feasible, I need to check in and get feedback from you guys.

Please let me know your feelings on the following:

1) If we were able to play in July, would you be willing to play? (it would only be July, we do not want to play in August)

2) If you answered yes to this, would you be willing to play and sometimes go to other towns (vs only playing New Canaan kids)?

3) If you answered yes to #1, would you be willing to play if it meant there were preventative measures (masks, etc). Or are you only willing to play if it's 100% measure-free?


Thanks in advance, this is very helpful as we try and gauge next steps and see what's possible. Hopefully you are finding ways to hit, throw and field! Hopefully see you soon! 


Stay safe,


Sam, Abe, Mike

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