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Who's ready for some futsal?
by posted 11/12/2019

Dear parents and players,

Hi!  My name is MaryBeth Hamwey and I am excited to have an opportunity to coach the Girls 4th & 5th-grade futsal team this winter.  Coach Doug will also be around to help with our team.  Our first practice is tomorrow at 7 PM at the Harvard Kent gym.  Please make sure to have your player bring a water bottle and wear shin guards and comfortable athletic sneakers.  Indoor soccer sneakers are not mandatory.  

If you don't know much about futsal, it is a much faster-paced style of playing with only 5 players (including the goalie) on the "field" at once.  We will be working a lot on controlled passing and footwork, protecting the ball with the bottom of the foot and shooting at a diagonal.  But most of all, we will be working on having fun! 

**I will let you all know our game schedule as soon as I hear back from CYSA but we might be playing THIS Saturday!**


See you tomorrow! 

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MaryBeth Hamwey 
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