The purpose of Mt. Zion Youth Sports shall be to further the education and citizenship of the young people of the Mt. Zion area; also, to further their training in sportsmanship like conduct through participation in organized sports.

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by posted 05/26/2020

First, I just was curious to see if this works, I have never attempted to send a message through the website. We will begin practice on June 1, from 4:30 to 6 on diamond 9. We will have to split the boys into 2 groups to keep the total number to less than 10. We will let everyone know how this will be done later. As of now, our tournament has not been cancelled, but there is a possiblity that the dates could be altered, if need be. All other tournaments for the year have been cancelled, so any hotel rooms need to be cancelled.  The reservation for Kentucky an O'Fallon need to be done through the confirmation link you recieved when you resrved the room.If everyone could also pay attention to the schedule, there have been games added in July, and am currently looking to add more. This is all based under the assumption that Illinois will move into phase 4, and we will be able to play. Hopefully, this is finally a shred of good news that everyone has been waiting for!

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