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by posted 06/27/2020


It was very nice to be back at CCR field and to see girls at practice. I was pretty impressed with amount of energy girls had at last two practices. After 3 months without team training it was good for all of us to be able to get to some normality and have some fun on the field.

Some of you sign up or email me asking about tryouts. We are limited on number of people we want to be at same time at CCR for tryouts so we DO NOT want you there unless i email you back Tuesday. Also we only doing Tuesday tryouts for girl teams since most of our teams are already full or close to be full. If we need some of the girls to come i will inform you Tuesday morning tryouts will run from 5.30-7pm.

If you want your daughter to come to train just email me back.

It was great run for us as team and me as coach of this group of talented players. Very sad that we need it to finish our journey without spring season but we couldn't control Covid pandemic. 

It was my pleasure to be their coach all this years, all of them progress and show improvement, they will also continue to get better with coach Branko as well. I will be available for them all the time, each of the players can send me email with any advice or concern they may need and i will be more then happy to talk to them, same go for you parents.

I will see most of the girls that sign up for GVSA SOL training soon on the field again rest that are not going to play have a great reminding of the summer !!!!






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