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GSC Silver - Practice and Game Links
by posted 09/14/2022

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Good morning GSC Mite Silver,

My name is Jessica Wiener.  My husband Andrew and I have been members at the GSC for 9 years.  Our son Lawson is on team silver.  We also have a PWA1- Anderson, Stateline 10UA - Campbell and Mini-mite - Wilson at the GSC.  I expect to make around 50% of the games and practices for Mite Silver so we are looking to have 1-2 additional coaches as well as a team manager to send out weekly emails.

Hockey experience is not required  for the coaches or manager.  All practices will be led by Ian Tarrant.  For the games, our Silver coaches would just need to stay with the players on the ice and make sure we have the correct number of skaters in the game during line changes.  Mites cross-ice games are meant to be fun and instruction will take place during practices.

Games and Practices are tracked in two different systems.  Here is the link to the CPCT mite league.  GSC Silver will play in the B/C league. Please ensure that you are checking the website every Thursday and Friday as the games will get moved last minute due to cancellations of opposings teams.



Practices are listed separately on the GSC website. Select Teams from the header tab and then Mite Silver.  If that doesn't seem to work double check that it says "change team" 2022-23 --> Travel Team --> Mite Silver.  This link should also work.



The first practice is this Friday at 4pm.  Our first game is THIS Saturday, Sept 17 at 11am.  Unfortunately I will be with the 10UA team at this time.  We will find a backup coach if we have not yet secured volunteers.  The second practice is Sunday, Sept 18 at 8:30am.  Both practices are at Dorothy Hamill and games are at Chelsea Piers CT in the South rink - Center ice.


Go Wings!

Coach Jessica


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