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8U Edge Season Plan and Update

Snapshot of the 2020-21 Edge Mites Season

Regular Practice Schedule

  • 42 half-ice sessions at Bill Gray's Iceplex*
  • Tuesdays (apx 5:00pm) and Fridays (apx 6:00pm)
  • Tuesday shares will be with our 12U Tier 1 team (every other week) and additional Edge teams (every other week)
  • Friday shares will be with an all-Edge drop-in open skate (hopefully with some good music!)
  • Timbits practice jerseys included (with Edge logo on them)

* Pending COVID rules, etc.


Games and Tournaments

  • Will join the local Empire league for games. Anticipating 7 home and 7 away.
  • As families and coaches desire, the team can/will decide to play in additional tournaments at both the boys and girls levels



  • Program cost of $600 includes all practice ice, 7 home games with referees and covers league entry fee and ice scheduling fees.
  • Game jersey/sock package priced separately, we are aiming to keep that under $75
  • First practice is Friday night, September 18th. Final regular practice Friday night, February 26th
  • Girls/teams can secure additional practice or game ice, or private training as desired
  • Program will accept part-time skaters and welcomes girls who just want to try it out.
  • Girls from our 12U teams, our 14U teams and our 17U team will be helping out the Mites as much as possible
  • 8U Edge girls are welcome to skate at our all-Edge clinics at no cost, they happen every other Tuesday right after the 8U practice. Edge 10U and 12U teams will be encouraged to invite the girls out when they can.
  • 8U aspiring goalies welcome to attend our all-org goalie training sessions at no cost. The Edge will supply the 8U program with quick-change goalie equipment to be shared.


You can register for the Edge Mites program here. Note that we will not accept any payment until USAH tells us that the 2020-21 season is a go. Once players register, we will be asking about interest in skills-clinics until the point at which the season can officially begin.

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Click here to Register today!

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Congratulations to 2020 Tyler Putnam Award Winner Elizabeth Kent

From the very first scrimmage she played with the Edge on her 12U team (watch #8 backcheck with her team down 6-1 and only a minute to go in a “meaningless” scrimmage), right through the most grueling on-ice practice in the February dog-days of hockey and intense dryland in the dog-days of August, Elizabeth has always been an exemplary model of grit, grace, perseverance and team. We are very excited that she has been selected as the 2020 Tyler Putnam Award winner.

“EK” manages to put the team ahead of herself regardless of what ailment or element is thrown at her. She is one of the young athletes who is a model of high accountability as described in Jocko Willink’s great book, Extreme Ownership. Elizabeth’s work ethic has transformed her into a top Tier 1 hockey player, a top student (a member of the National Junior Honors Society), a spot on the Hilton Varsity Field Hockey team as an 8th grader, and a dedicated soccer player and member of her community.

A great teammate and friend is reliable. Elizabeth is the first to remember a teammate’s birthdays, she never takes a rep off in practice and focuses hard on instructions from all of her coaches, she respects rules, is always prepared and on time – and in the process making everyone around her better.  

On the ice, Elizabeth has developed very good hands and a great shot and a high-level of fitness all due to the hard work she puts in at practices, home and our clinics. She does not just go through the motions just to get through the drill. She tries to understand why we are teaching a skill the way we do, and how that translates into better performance under pressure in game settings.

She’s not afraid to fail, and because of that she succeeds a lot more. For example, we have spent a lot of time teaching the girls to learn to shoot in stride, which is very tough given how many years this was not taught. It makes them feel goofy and takes a lot of time to get right. Well, after many months of working on it, we were at a jamboree in Cleveland and she wins a puck race and in one swift move shoots the puck in stride off of her inside foot and scores … and the girls on our bench went wild for her – not just happy that she scored, but so happy that she executed a tough skill that all of the girls have struggled with. Her example has helped a few other players on the team work harder at the skill and they are much better at it today than they were at the start of last season.

Elizabeth is “all in” all the time. Every association and coach dreams of players like Elizabeth because not only do they have a commitment to getting better every day, they are truly grateful for the opportunity to play youth hockey and be with their friends, and excited to be at the rink whenever and wherever we get together. She is very highly deserving of this recognition.

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Jordan Ott Named Head Coach of King's College Women's Ic

Congrats to Hilton native and Edge alum Jordan Ott on being named head coach of the Women's Ice Hockey Program at King's College.

Read more about Jordan here.

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Returning to the Rink

May 21, 2020

Team Placement and “Tryouts”


Dear Girls Hockey Community:

Our New York State Amateur Hockey Association has provided new guidelines for selecting hockey teams during the COVID disruption. The process will be different than we are used to – coaches will be selecting players prior to on-ice tryouts.


2002 to 2007 Birth Year Players

Key Dates: June 1 to June 10

Beginning on Monday, June 1, at 9am, Edge coaches will be able to accept player commitments for the following teams:

  • 14U Tier 1 TB (Coach )
  • 14U Tier 2 TB (Coach )
  • 17/19U Tier 1 TB (Coach )

Coaches will be contacting players with invitations to join the teams beginning on June 1, and the invitations are available both to returning Edge players as well as players who participated in other associations during previous seasons.

What Should We Do Now?

Once we are able to open registration, all interested players will be asked to register on the Edge website. In the interim, we ask that existing Edge members update their contact information here, and other families can use the link to receive information updates on girls hockey.


2008 to 2011 Birth Year Players

Key Dates: June 11 to June 30

Beginning on Thursday, June 11, at 9am, Edge coaches will be able to accept player commitments for the following teams:

  • 10U Black – WNY League team (Coach )
  • 10U Blue – Empire League team (Coach )
  • 12 Tier 1 TB (Coach )*
  • 12 Tier 2 TB (Coach )*

* Open to select 2010 birth year players

Coaches will be contacting players with invitations to join the teams beginning on June 11. The invitations will be available both to returning Edge players and players who participated in other associations during previous seasons.

What Should We Do Now?

Once we are able to open registration, all interested players will be asked to register on the Edge website. In the interim, we ask that existing Edge members update their contact information here, and other families can use the link to receive information updates on girls hockey.


Additional Questions

Keep an eye on our website and our “Tryouts, 2020-21 Season” tab for the most up to date information.

  • Will there be on-ice evaluations?

The coaches may or may not select full-rosters at this time. If and when USAH and NYSAHA permit an on-ice evaluation, that will be used to fill any available spots.

  • Is My Spot on the Team Guaranteed?

Once players have been selected for a team and have returned their commitment forms, they will not be “cut” from a team.

  • How Much Money Do We Need Right Now?

The Edge will not be asking players for any financial commitments either at registration or upon acceptance of a team position. Once we have a better understanding of what the seasons will look like, we will put new budgets together and begin to collect.

  • Do We Need to Provide a Release Form?

Players will NOT need to provide a release upon the opening of the signing period. NYSAHA has granted a one-time mass-release of all players who have met their financial obligations to their associations.

  • What if I do not receive an offer immediately?

Please register on our website to indicate the team you are interested in, and contact the coach of that team.


Gazing Ahead to What Hockey Might Look Like

We are forming teams now so we can plan and get guidance. Our best guess is that the seasons will not go off as we had planned back in early spring. Having rosters mostly formed now will allow us to collaboratively plan for what a contingent season will look like.

The Edge program is putting together a two-part plan at the moment. Part one will be our training program, and Part two will be our competitive season program. In part one, we will be putting together an off-ice and on-ice training program that is open to any girls player with commitment flexibility. This program will run until, and if, a “regular-looking” game playing season is permitted. Once our state affiliate and USAH provide guidance on if/when a “regular-looking” season can begin, each of our teams will put together new season plans to best meet their wishes. 




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2020-21 Edge Team Contacts

Dear Hockey Families,

Please check our website regularly for updates on our planning for next season. We are working on a number of contingency plans given the current health situation. In the meantime, if you have questions about our teams or girls program, please email us at or contact any of our coaches below. Be well.

-Rochester Edge B.O.D.



10U Program

  • 10U (WNYAHL League team): Coach
  • 10U (Empire League team): Coach


12U Program

  • 12U Tier 1 (WNYAHL League): Coach
  • 12U Tier 2 (Empire League): Coach


14U Program

  • 14U Tier 1: Coach
  • 14U Tier 2: Coach


17U/19U Program

  • 17U Tier 1: Coach Scott Reston
  • 19U Tier 2: Coach


For questions and information about Mites/8U please contact .

You can also reach out to our Hockey Director, .

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Meet Coach Coleman!

12U Tier 1 Edge

We are excited to have Coach Coleman lead our 12U Tier 1 program through the 2020-21 season. Coach Aaron lives in Victor, NY with his wife Jaime, and kids Olivia (10), Ian (8), and Ellie (5). Aaron grew up playing youth hockey in Buffalo for the Buffalo Regals, High School at Canisius, JR “A” hockey for the Niagara Scenics and then Rochester (MN) Mustangs of the USHL. Aaron played college hockey for the Geneseo Ice Knights and was inducted into the Geneseo Sports Hall of Fame.

Coach has had over 25 years of hockey coaching experience at various levels and ages. He has trained and coached under John Christiano, former scout for the Buffalo Sabres and head of New Edge Hockey in Buffalo and Rochester. Aaron has coached all-girls hockey teams for over six years.

“My philosophy is to create an environment where the kids will develop, compete, and have fun at the same time!!! We will have high tempo, fast pace practices, that will mainly focus on skill development and hockey fundamentals. I believe in instilling confidence through positive reinforcement. Players will not be afraid to make mistakes, that is a part of learning and growing. I believe in the value of teaching kids to be great teammates who support each other.”



by posted 03/29/2020
14U Tier 1 State Champs

Top Row (L to R): Coach Sig, Coach Dave, Lara Lisowski, Coach Mel, Coach Steve

Middle Row (L to R): Amelia Rizzo, Elizabeth Kent, Makenna Crouse, Kayla Suders, Sydney Saracene, Willa Runge, Rayne Searley, Sienna Beal, Harper Weisbeck

Bottom Row (L to R): Katelyn Bovee, Eva Mayo, Lily Shaw (G), Abby Seaman (G), Helen VanDamme, Abby Cangemi


Congrats girls, and have fun in Minnesota at Nationals.

by posted 03/09/2020
Edge 19U are Steel City Girls Invitational Champions!!

Over the Presidents Day weekend, the 19U team traveled to Pittsburgh to play in the Steel City Girls Invitational. They completed round robin play with a 3-0-1 record, outscoring their opponents by a 15-4 margin. Their first place record earned them a spot in the championship game against a gritty Princeton Tiger Lilies team. The championship game was an exciting, hard-fought nail biter that had to be decided with a shootout. Rachel Brase stopped all three attempts against her, and Ally Schwind scored the only goal to secure the championship for the Edge. The win was a total team effort as 13 players tallied points over the weekend, led by Holly DeYoung with 5 goals, and Lian Sydorowicz and Erin McCarthy with 7 points each. Rose Quattro also recorded 2 shutouts over the weekend.

by posted 02/19/2020