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by posted 07/16/2021
*Renegades Night Out With The Railers!*


Greetings to all of our Renegade Family!


I hope everyone has been able to enjoy the summer so far and the battle to stay dry through all this rain. Maybe even taken up a new hobby of urban canoeing? I work off of Cambridge Street in Worcester and have considered strapping a canoe to the roof just in case. But anyway, back to Hockey! 

Hockey is coming back to the DCU, the Railers are hosting the Maine Mariners in their home opener back here in Worcester! The Railers have invited the Renegades organization to take advantage of a great promotion to get us out to a game as a group.

So mark your calendars, grab your Renegades shirts, order your tickets in advance and come out to enjoy a game welcoming back the the Railers and fans in the stands for hockey here in Worcester. 

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to the Railers contact at the bottom of the attached flyer or I would be more than happy to help as well. 

I hope to everyone can take advantage of this and look forward to seeing the Renegades out at the game. Let's get back out and show our support of Hockey here in Worcester. 



Josh Fahlbeck

Worcester Renegades YSH - President

by posted 07/12/2021
The Renegades Thank You for a Great Season!

Thanks You Everyone for a Great Spring 2021 Street Hockey Season!!!


This season was definitely an odd one to say the least. With all of the uncertainty, new rules, and guidelines set for youth sports. With all that uncertainty came scheduling conflicts and registration withdrawals leaving teams running slim benches. With everything the Renegades and all the kids faced coming back to the we are, we made it, another season in the books.

We saw many new faces and a lot of the old ones. We saw kids go from never having held a stick to bouncing plays around the boards, getting their first assists, and scoring their first goals. Bottom line, everything this year threw at these kids, they kept going and played their hearts out on the rink and gave it 100%. I'm extremely proud of this group.


Anyone from my teams over the years I've coached has heard this 100 times over: We don't lose, we either win or learn....

We didn't lose a Spring or Fall 2020 season, we learned how to appreciate having played in 2019 and to have a 2021 season to come back to.

We didn't lose our sharpness or ability to play, we learned how important it is to practice, practice, practice, and the skills/abilities will follow.

We didn't lose our love of hockey, we learned how much we loved the game while it was gone.

We certainly learned a lot this season as an organization, but here we are having made it through this unprecedented season and can remain hopeful for the future seasons to come. 


Without all of you, this league wouldn't have made it through the pandemic. Without all of you, there are no teams, no refs, no kids to coach, and scoreboard chimes and crowd chants at the park. Without the support of all of our board, coaches, officials, sponsors and volunteers. This simply isn't possible. So the Worcester Renegades Board of Directors, and I personally, would like to extend our appreciation to all of you for your help in allowing us to provide access to a fun, recreational, cost effective, hockey experience keeping the kids active and outside. With all the work that goes in to putting this all together, I find the value in the smiles and joy we get to see at the very beginning and end of the season. Whether it's a team talking about their big season plans at the first practice or a championship game with teams celebrating their hard work and effort throughout the season. Maybe the runner up teams talking with teammates about plans for next season to take home the trophy. Or at an awesome event like the Parent Vs. Player games we had Sunday. You see what makes it all worth it. Thank you for the Spring 2021 Season!


We will keep everyone up to date on the website, via email, and Facebook regarding the start of the the Fall season. Typically evals will be at the end of August with the first practices starting up the first week of September. Once these dates are all set in stone we will let everyone know. I hope everyone has a fun, safe, relaxing, and enjoyable summer! We'll see you back down at the rink soon! 



Josh Fahlbeck - Renegade

by posted 06/28/2021
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