The RENEGADES serves children aged 4+ in Worcester and surrounding areas seeking a fun & recreational street hockey experiance

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~*Renegades Spring Activities Update*~

Greetings Renegades Family!



We have had many people reach out about the spring season. There are many variables that come into play these days and leading up to and affect our ability to operate. Currently we are in the permit processing phase with the city. This includes renewal of insurances needed to operate at the rink as well as approval from the City Parks & Rec division. In addition to the Parks & Rec division approval all requests for permits of city facilities use have to go through the local Board of Health and Safety. We are working to get all the essential paperwork and licensing out of the way so that the opportunity is there for us in the spring in whatever capacity exist at that time.

With that being said, we are ultimately at the will of the local climate both with weather and conditions surrounding the current pandemic. We are reliant not only on the Massachusetts phased guidelines for re-opening, the local officials/health professionals, and field/rink conditions associated with the spring thaw. We will be in touch with local officials leading up to the spring and will keep everyone posted as new information becomes available. 

If we are approved for operation at the rink, as of right now we would be held to the same operation level in which we had in the fall. That would mean we are ok'd for socially distanced drills and training sessions. Currently there is no formal start date to which access will be granted to city facilities and if there will be a roll back on restrictions at this time. We have been told, that of course this will all be dependent on how everything develops with the pandemic and weather leading into the spring. We are hoping as many others we will be given the ok to resume games and practices even if it is with certain restrictions. However, if things stay the same we will still be out on the rink much as we were in the fall offering whatever level of interaction, activity, and sportsmanship that we are allowed within the guidelines set forth by state and local officials. 


We hope you have had a chance to get out and enjoy some winter activities and remain safe and healthy as we begin our journey through 2021.



Regards ~ Josh Fahlbeck

Worcester Renegades YSH - President


*Feel free to reach out to us via the contacts page on the website with any questions*


by posted 02/22/2021
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