The RENEGADES serves children aged 4+ in Worcester and surrounding areas seeking a fun & recreational street hockey experiance

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Worcester Renegades 2021 COVID Compliance Guidlines

Worcester Renegades Youth Street Hockey

Location of Operations : 15 Mann St. Worcester, MA 01602

President - Josh Fahlbeck

(508) 404-5977

COVID Regulation and Mitigation of Risk Plan

Spring Sessions Starting Spring of 2021

Outlined below are the actions that will be undertaken by Worcester Renegades Youth Street Hockey to meet and enforce the re-opening guidelines set forth in the EOEEA Phase III notice.

    * (denotes a reference to the EPA/CDC/MA Governor's guidelines)

Materials to be obtained by organization to imply regulations:

  1. Sanitizing items (in accordance with EPA/CDC guidelines)  :

    1. disinfectant sprays and liquid cleaners 

    2. Alcohol based hand sanitizer to be available for use by all members/staff

    3. Sanitizing wipes or multiple clean rags* or paper towels to be used to clean surfaces with frequent interaction

  2. PPE 

    1. Surgical masks/face coverings* will be made available to all player participants, staff, and officials in attendance.

    2. Plastic gloves* will be provided to all officials in attendance at any event 

  3. We will strongly urge the use of individual equipment to be used by players. 

    1. In the event shared equipment absolutely needs to be used (goalie equipment often not obtainable by all members) will be cleaned and sanitized after each use

    2. Multiple sets of equipment should allow us to rotate any sets of equipment used, allowing use once on any given day.

    3. Any league items used will be professionally cleaned and sanitized by Kleen ‘n Hard Sports on a regular schedule


  1. Signage and markings to be posted notifying all attendees and members of:

    1. Proper social distance and face mask guidelines*

    2. Markings around rink to 6ft distance where players or officials will be located between play

    3. Proper blocking of times and scheduling to allow decreased foot traffic between practice drills or games

    4. No contact play allowed (checking, board battles, agressive face-offs).

    5. Limit to no more than 25 players/coaches/officials on the playing surface at any time.

    6. Limited coach/officials presence on playing surface during activities

    7. Only authorized organization officials (coaches,BOD,officials) allowed in equipment or storage areas

    8. Participants will be asked to arrive ready for activities in their equipment when entering the park

    9. Face masks will be required by participants in between activities on the rink where 6ft of distance is not possible (cage covers used during play) 

    10. Common areas surrounding the playing surface will be cleared out and sanitized (where applicable*) between group activities (no congregating of players/parents/spectators around playing surface after activities have ended)

    11. Activities at the rink will be spaced out to allow sanitizing of common areas between groups.

Contact Tracing Logs

  1. Detailed log and attendance will be kept of active participants(who brought them to the rink), officials, and members overseeing activities 

    1. If positive COVID diagnosis is confirmed by any member attending an event, all areas will be re-cleaned and sanitized*, and members in attendance with possible contact with a positive confirmed COVID diagnosis will be informed. 


  1. President and Senior BOD will provide training and review of implications of the EPA/CDC/MA-EOEEA guidelines with league coaches, officials, board members who will be in attendance over-seeing activities at the rink

    1. Coaches/officials/board members will be required to attend this training meeting and will have to sign-off that they agree to follow and implement the rules and guidelines set-forth.



by posted 03/25/2021
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