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Welcome to Thunder JO Volleyball

Welcome to Thunder JO Volleyball's website!

Our Mission: To develop well-rounded athletes into the best people they can be by providing competitive, thriving, and excellent volleyball teams.

Please let us know if you have any questions about our club! We would love to help answer them!
Cathy Murray - Commissioner: cathymurray0725@gmail.com 
Whitney Markson - Coaching Advisor: wjmarkson14@gmail.com
Jim Sorensen - Board of Directors President: jlsorensen@comcast.net

Parents & Players,

I will be making a couple of adjustments for the last 2 weeks in January based upon a couple gym changes.  Please double check and make sure to check to see if your team was impacted (either change in date/time or location).  I am also working on getting the February schedule finalized and imported into the website.

As always if you have questions or think there are any issues please reach out to your coaches or myself.



by posted 01/17/2020
Thunder Payment Reminder
Hello Thunder Families!
Well, the first weekend of tournaments is in the books and Thunder made quite the impression!!  Nicely done, ladies!
Just a reminder that your monthly payments start TOMORROW, 1/15/2020.  I am not sure exactly when payments will be taken or checks cashed as all of that is handled by the BAC treasurer but please know that it will be done no earlier than the 15th of each month, and no later than the last day of the month.  Also, if you made special arrangements with me regarding your payments, those have been communicated to our treasurer.
Again, great weekend of play by all the teams!  Congratulations!  
And of course, thank you for being part of the Thunder Family!  It is appreciated.
Enjoy your week!

by posted 01/12/2020
Let The Games Begin!


We are so excited for the 2020 season to start. All the coaches can't wait to share this season with both your players and you! We want to thank you for all your support so far getting the girls to practice, working through training and uniform challenges, along with all of cheering that you're going to do at tournaments.

A couple days ago I saw a post from the Positive Coaching Alliance that had a short video about the 'Car Ride Home'.  It made me think about our upcoming season and I hope you find it helpful and as interesting as I did.

Frost believes it is in the best interest of youth athletes if their parents support their athletic experiences no matter the level of competition they play in. If a youth athlete is not playing for a top-tier team, that is not a good reason to be less supportive because the ultimate goal should be for a kid to have fun in any youth sports league. Essentially, it is more important to enjoy time with your kid than critiquing everything they did wrong in a game. Frost believes parents who put too much pressure on their kids, especially during that 'car ride home,' will chase them away from sports. If a kid is afraid to get into the car ride home after a bad game, it is unlikely he will want to continue to play.

Click Here to visit the PCA website and view the video.

Win or Lose this weekend I hope you all have a great ride home. 




by posted 01/10/2020
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