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Softball and Baseball Evaluations

If your player was on a Major Division team last year, he/she does not need to attend evaluations, but is encouraged to do so. Please see the chart above for your player's age and when to attend.  6 year olds need to have at least one year of teeball or softball school.  

What to wear/bring: 

Sneakers (no cleats), t-shirt, athletic pants or shorts, and glove. Bats and helmets will be provided for those not bringing their own.

Please arrive promptly at the start of your player's designated time.

For baseball:  

  • If your child was on a Major Division Team last year, they will not need to attend evaluations.
  • Players age 6 through 9 ONLY attend 1 evaluation session on either day (unless a 9-year-old wants to be considered for Majors).

Majors Eligibility

  • Players that want to be considered for Majors are recommended to attend both days
  • Players ages 10, 11, 12 will be considered Majors draft eligible unless a parent/guardian expresses otherwise to the  .
  • 9-year-old players that are deemed Majors eligible by the Player Agent may enter the draft after receiving approval from the parent/guardian
  • Use the Little League Age Calculator to determine which time slot is appropriate.  https://apps.littleleague.org/dc/leagueagecalculator

For softball: 

  • Girls only need to attend 1 of evaluations.
  • If your daughter was on a Major Division team last year, she does not need to attend evaluations, but is encouraged to do so. If registration numbers support two teams, returning Major Division players will be redrafted onto new teams.  

To calculate league age for Softball please see below:

If your daughter was born in:

2013 she is league age 6
2012 she is league age 7
2011 she is league age 8
2010 she is league age 9
2009 she is league age 10
2008 she is league age 11
2007 she is league age 12

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Spring Registration is Open!

Spring Softball and Baseball registrations are now open.  Register now to avoid late fees that will take effect on February 15th.   Online payments will only be accepted for full registration.  Registration will not be considered until payment is received. 

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Contact VRLL
We welcome any questions, comments or concerns.
Email us at  or leave a message on 860-263-9148.
Please be sure to give your email and telephone number so we may contact you.


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Website Information



All Players and Parents,

We wanted to take the opportunity to let everyone know some of the great features this website has for the players and parents.

Notices and Reminders: Our website has a feature that will automatically send you an Email or Text to remind you of upcoming games and practices. Login to your account on our website and choose the option to receive reminder emails and or text messages on your cell. Verify your contact information is correct and you will receive reminders.

Bat Questions: If you are looking to purchase a Bat for your son or daughter please click on the tab on the left hand side called "For all your bat questions" This has an update list of all Little League approved bats.

Apps: Don’t forget to check out the "Little League App" tab as well.

Facebook: Don’t forget to check us out on Facebook.



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