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Show Your Dragon Hearts in 2018!!!

Festival Date: August 5, Practice weekend will be July 28 & 29 during the Lake Champlain Maritime Festival! It will be a blast!

Start rounding your teams up! Registration to open April 1st.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Vermont presents the liveliest event of the summer—the Lake Champlain Dragon Boat Festival! It’s 1,600 dedicated Vermonters racing 41-foot long dragon boats for an unforgettable day of fitness, fun, and fundraising. Our community teams are made up of local businesses, non-profits, service groups, neighbors, and families like YOU who know that together we can make a real difference in the lives of our friends and neighbors with cancer. No experience necessary. Come join the fun!

2017 Photos on Line at Smug Mug: 


WND & WVS BCBS Champ Cup Winners !!!

WND and WVS is our repeat Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Vermont Champ Cup winner for 2017.

Our Dragonheart VT team would like to extend our gratitude to Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Vermont and our sponsors, our community racers, BCS racers, donors, volunteers and vendors for 2017. It was another truly successful year due to all of your help.

Dragonheart Vermont strives to strengthen and empower breast cancer survivors and supporters through the challenging sport of dragon boating, instilling in its members the values of teamwork, fitness and community giving.  

Funds raised from the Festival benefit the programs of Dragonheart Vermont and other cancer non-profit organizations in our area.

In 2018, our Pledge Partner is Integrative Therapies at the UVM Cancer Center.  While cancer therapy has improved cancer outcomes, cancer and its treatment often come with significant challenges that require additional support beyond traditional medical approaches.  Integrative Therapies at The UVM Cancer Center provides acupuncture, yoga, massage, mindfulness and other therapies to cancer patients and survivors.  These integrative therapies have a proven track record for controlling pain, fatigue and other side effects while improving psychological outlook and quality of life.  Your financial support will help The UVM Cancer Center to offer health and wellness-enhancing integrative therapies in conjunction with traditional cancer care for cancer patients and survivors in Vermont and upstate New York.




When you see the excitement at the Festival, you will want to be in a Boat!!!    


Team Up!
Pick-Your-Prize Raffle!
Come Down and Watch the Races!
Sisters at Heart Celebration (Breast Cancer Survivor event)!