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Welcome to the Central Ohio Youth Soccer League


Welcome to the web site for the Central Ohio Youth Soccer League (COYSL).  COYSL has served Central Ohio for over 30 years.  Historically, the program runs from Kindergarten up through eighth grade.  This year, teams range from Kindergarten up through fourth grade.  The primary purpose of the program is to provide a fun, easy-going environment for players to learn how to play the wonderful game of soccer.   Our games are played throughout the north side of Columbus, Ohio.  

The league runs from the week after Labor Day through the first weekend of November.

Positive COVID-19 Case within COYSL


We have had a case of COVID-19 within our program.  In the event we have a positive test, I should be notified of the name and contact of the individual (614-515-9300 or  In addition, the program should be reaching out to the Franklin County Board of Health with contact information for the Coach/player.  My most common contact is Suzanne Figlik.  Her number is 614-805-0712.  
Due to the nature of our games -- very short (relatively speaking) in length -- the odds of the coach/player coming in "Close Contact" with a coach or player (assuming social distancing was being met), with anyone outside of his/her team within our program is just about zero.  The odds of "Close Contact" within his/her team (contact within 6' for a period of 15 minutes) from two days PRIOR to experiencing symptoms or two days PRIOR to the taking of the positive test if asymptomatic will determine if any players/other people need to self-quarantine.  The drive to the game in the car meets the "Close Contact" criteria for anyone who was in the car on the way to the game and/or the way home.  

NET:  The likelihood anyone outside of this team being affected is almost zero.  The likelihood anyone on the coach's/player's team is affected is unlikely (outside of immediate family -- i.e. a coach and a son/daughter) is very, very low unless there was unusual contact with another player/parent either prior to/during/following the game and/or the previous practice (IF that practice occurred during the "two day" period mentioned above).  
I hope this helps.  I also hope that this positive case of COVID-19 can be used by all of you to remind coaches, players and parents to remain vigilant and follow the guidelines of Social Distancing, wearing masks, and washing hands frequently.  Thank you.
Ken McMahon

by posted 10/14/2020
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Field Status
BF-01 (Busch Field) - Columbus OPEN (10/20) 
HMP-A (Hilliard Muni Pk) - Hilliard OPEN (10/20) 
KP-01 (Behind Graceland) - Columbus OPEN (10/20) 
KP-02 (Behind Graceland) - Columbus OPEN (10/20) 
OLP-01 (Our Lady Peace) - Columbus OPEN (10/20) 
SA-01 (St. Agatha) - Columbus OPEN (10/20) 
SA-02 (St. Agatha) - Columbus OPEN (10/20) 
SBP-01 (St. Brendan) - Hilliard OPEN (10/20) 
SBP-02 (St. Brendan) - Hilliard OPEN (10/20) 
ST-01 (St. Timothy) - Columbus OPEN (10/20) 
WP-01 (Whetstone Park) - Columbus OPEN (10/20) 
WP-02 (Whetstone Park) - Columbus OPEN (10/20) 
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