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Annual Meeting

UPDATE 5/23/2014:  The call will start at 8:30 PM Eastern Time.

The 2014 BTHL Annual Meeting will be held via conference call on May 27, 2014 at 8:30PM.  The meeting will start promptly at 8:30 pm.  

Each organization must have a representative on the call -- the dial-in information and agenda have been sent to the contact on file for each organization.  If your organization has not received the agenda and call-in numbers, please contact Jason Bowra at or any member of the BTHL board.

If you are interested in being the new webmaster, please contact Craig Davis or Jason Bowra .



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Tournament Brackets
Please note -- the Tournament Brackets on the website may look odd but the website schedule and scores for the tournament are correct.

This is because League Athletics does not support consolation games in the tournament bracket display.

Please refer to the printed brackets at the rinks or downloadable brackets on the "Championship" tab above for the visual representations of the tournament.
by posted 02/22/2014
Tournament Reminders
1.       Regular season division champs can pick up trophies at the gardens starting Sat am.
2.       Both teams to provide score clock and game sheet for their teams games.
3.       Players must sign in for their first game only
4.       Games can start up to 15 minutes early
5.       Players must play in at least half of their team's BUCKEYE games to be eligible for the tournament
6.       There will be t-shirt and photo vendor available that are providing a generous donation to the buckeye. 

by posted 02/20/2014
Final Tournament Schedule
The final tournament schedule and rules are posted to the BTHL website at under the "Championship" tab.

There were a few last minute schedule changes - please double-check your schedule.  Should additional changes be necessary we will notify all team managers and coaches. 

A few reminders:

1) Home and Away team needs to each have a volunteer to run clock/scoresheet/penlaty boxes

2) Regular Season Winning Teams will pickup their trophies at the gardens (team manager or coach only)

by posted 02/18/2014
Tournament Schedule WIth Seedings
Congratulations to all of the regular season division winners!

The final seeding for the tournament brackets has been entered into the tournament schedule (with a few game revisions).

It can be downloaded  here:
(see "Championship" Tab above for the final official schedule)

The games will also be added to each teams' schedule on the BTHL website.

Good luck to all in the tournament!

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2014 End Of Season Notes
Reminders as we prepare for year end:
1.       All games will be played in the greater Cincinnati area
2.       Teams that win a regular season division must pick up trophies at the Gardens.  Runners up do not get a trophy this year.
3.       Best hotels by location will be north Cincinnati, South Dayton
4.       Players must play in at least half of their teams BUCKEYE games to be tournament eligable
5.       Your team should be prepared to play Friday February 21st at noon through Sunday February 23rd at 6pm.
a.       We will do our best to only have one overnight
6.       Unfortunately due to the number of teams and ice it will be single elimination
7.       Final regular season games must be completed February 16th and entered on the website that day
a.       Final schedule posted Feb 17th
8.       Remember this is a completely volunteer run tournament.
a.       We will require a score keeper/time keeper from the home team and visiting team
We are currently seeking individuals to backfill positions opening at the end of this year.  If interested please contact me ASAP to
discuss.  My email is  .
If you already expressed interest please remind me.

Positions to be filled below….
1.       Buckeye Vice President – Past Gary Dickstein
2.       Buckeye Treasurer – Past Dr. Keith Kenitzer
3.       Buckeye Webmaster – Past Craig Davis
4.       Bantam Commissioner – Past Brad Tipple

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2013 Final Division Assignments
Final 2013-14 division assignments: Click Here
Revised to fix error in Squirt A Silver: Lexington - Lipsett 
by posted 09/26/2013
Initial Divisions Posted

The 2013-14 Initial Division Assignments have been posted to the website and are available for download: (2013 Initial Divisions.xls).  In addition, the teams have been assigned to their respective division on the website navigation and season results/standings pages.
Coaches and Managers: Petitions to move up/down are to be submitted by 5:00 PM on Tuesday 9/24/2013 using the online form: Move Up/Down Petition Form.  

Petitions can be viewed online as well: Submitted Petitions (you must be logged in to view the petitions).

Final divisions will be posted on Thursday 9/26/2013.
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2013 Seeding Results
Thank you all for your part in another successful BTHL Seeding Tournament weekend!

All game results have been posted to the website -- please  of any discrepancies by EOD Monday 9/16/2013.

Next Steps: 
  1. Preliminary divisions will be posted on Monday 9/23/2013
    Please do not contact us regarding team placements before the preliminary divisions are posted
  2. Petitions to move up or move down must be submitted by Tuesday 9/24/2013 at 5:00 PM
    Only Team Officials (Coach or Manager) or Organization Reps may petition a team to move up/down
  3. Final divisions will be posted on Thursday 9/26/2013
    There will be no changes to divisions after this date
  4. Teams are expected to contact each other for scheduling after final divisions are posted
    Team scheduler contacts are all posted on the website
  5. Schedule confirmation conference calls for each division will be held Saturday 9/28/2013
    All teams are expected to dial-into the conference call with all league games scheduled
  6. First day of League Games is October 7, 2013
    Here's to another great season -- its always a great day for hockey!
In addition, later this week coaches/managers will receive instructions that can be forwarded to all team members -- This year, all players must register themselves on the BTHL website and enter their own contact information and USA hockey numbers, thus ensuring complete and accurate roster information for all players and teams.  These must be completed by player's families before the first games begin.

And again, thank you to all of the BTHL volunteers, Rink Directors, and area rink owners/managers for helping make the weekend go so smoothly!
by posted 09/16/2013
Seeding Results

by posted 09/15/2013
2013 Seeding Update
The 2013 Seeding/Prospective Teams list has been uploaded to the website.

The teams also are listed in each age group/division on the web site at the level proposed by each organization/coach/manager.  This (and additional information on the applications) is being used to establish the seeding games schedule.  The seeding tournament schedule will be posted on 9/6/2013 on each teams BTHL page and on the "Seeding" tab of the website.
In addition you will notice a Midget U16 division.  Since this is new for 2013 compared to years past, we are extending the Midget U16 registration an extra week (Deadline is 8/17/2013) and offering a fee of $250 for the seeding tournament only.  This way U16 teams can properly evaluate the competition (should there only be a single division of Midget this year).  It is also a great way for all area U16 teams to jump-start their year as a pre-season tune-up.  The $250 will be applied to the normal full season BTHL fees.  Please contact ' + ename + '<' + '/a>'); '></a>" style="color: rgb(17, 85, 204);" target="_blank"> for instructions on submitting your Midget U16 application.

As you review your potential competition for 2013-14, you will notice many new teams and organization names in the list this year:  we have 98 teams registered this year -- 69 returning teams plus 29 new teams.

The new teams for 2013-14 are fairly evenly spread throughout all age groups, with many (19) moving up to the BTHL from House/Select leagues, and 10 teams moving to the BTHL after playing in other A and AA leagues.  We welcome all of the new and returning teams to the BTHL!
We look forward to seeing you all at the tournament 9/13/2013 - 9/15/2013!

by posted 08/12/2013
Pre Season Activities
The 2013/14 season is just around the corner!  

The application process is well under way, and most organizations and teams have submitted their prospective teams.  A list of all received to date and initial seeding recommendations from the coaches is posted to the website under the "2013 Seeding" tab labeled "Prospective Teams".  The list will be updated daily as additional teams submit their applications (deadline is Saturday August 10th).

In addition to the league seeding tournament on September 13-15, we wanted to let you all know we've updated the Tournament Listings (on the main home menu) with BTHL member organizations tournaments and those of our sponsors.

One which you may find particularly interesting is the "Ft Wayne Pre-Season Classic":

Is your team playing in the seeding tournament but looking for more competition before the start of the winter season?  Canlan Classic Tournaments is hosting a Pre-Season tournament September 20th – 22ndin Fort Wayne and the BTHL will be looking at the results of the tournament.  It's a great opportunity for players to familiarize themselves with their new teammates. Get a head start on the competition and sign up today! Cost is only $695.  For more information or to register for this tournament, call Justin Sherwood at: 1-888-422-6526 ext 276, email or visit
If your organization is hosting a tournament you'd like to have included in our listings, please contact the BTHL Webmaster at with details.


by posted 08/07/2013
2013-14 Application
The 2013-14 BTHL Team Application has been posted to the website under the 2013 Seeding tab.

To complete the process, the Organization or Coach or Manager must:
  1. Submit the online application for each team wishing to participate in the BTHL in 2013-14.  
  2. Once the form is completed, your registration confirmation will be emailed to you with the amount due.  Please fill out the form as completely and accurately as possible, including any comments to ensure that teams are properly matched at the seeding tournament.  In addition, the contact information will be loaded to the website for your organization & team to ensure proper communication is sent to the necessary people.
  3. You must mail the following (POSTMARKED NO LATER THAN AUG 10, 2013) to the address in your confirmation email:
  • Printed copy of the registration confirmation email
  • A check for the full amount due  (organizations submitting multiple team applications can write a single check for the total as long as the check and all applications are mailed together)
  • A complete team roster with birthdates for each player
Additional Dates To Remember:
  • USA Hockey Stamped Rosters are due by 9/2/2013
  • USA Hockey Stamped Rosters must be provided at the seeding tournament
  • The seeding tournament schedule will be posted by noon on 9/6/2013 -- emails and phone calls regarding the seeding schedule will not be returned until after the schedule is posted.

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Annual Meeting Minutes Posted
Revised 7/31/2013 -- corrected tournament schedule posting date -- the schedule will be posted on or before Sept 6, not Sept 1.

The meeting minutes from the BTHL annual board meeting have been posted online (click here to download).

Highlights include:

Fees (see minutes for each divisions 2013 team fees)

Organizations (see minutes for new organization applications)

Mite and U16 Division
  1. Discussions were held on both topics and everyone on the call agreed that the Buckeye should try and have a Mite and U16 Division.  We will work on this over the summer.  Please email the board if you have potential teams.
Important 2013 Dates
  • Team applications with league dues postmarked by no later than: August 10, 2013
    • USA Hockey approved team rosters are due September 2, 2013. Stamped roster must be turned in at the pre-season tournament and also sent to division director.
  • Date for pre-season tournament. September 13,14, 15, 2013
    1. The schedule for the pre-season tournament will be posted on or before September 6.
  • Tournament placement committee meeting. As required after tournament.
  • Preliminary divisions posted on or before September 23rd, 2013
  • Petitions due from teams to move up or down a division. By NO LATER than 5:00pm on Sept. 24, 2013
  • Petition review meeting. Sept. 25th, 2013 at 5:00pm
  • Final divisions posted. Sept. 26th, 2013
  • Date of scheduling meeting. Sept 28th. Conference Call
  • Dates for Championship Tournament: Feb. 21, 22 & 23 2014. Some teams will be required to play on Friday as early as 12 noon.

by posted 06/28/2013
Annual Meeting Agenda
The annual meeting will be this Sunday June 2nd, 2013 at 7pm.  The meeting will be held via conference call.  The number is 1877-950-5107 Passcode 6884171#.  The meeting will start on time.  Please plan to dial in early.  The buckeye requests representation from every organization planning to be in the Buckeye this year.  We are trying to limit this to decision makers within the organization only.


by posted 05/31/2013
BTHL Annual Board Meeting
The 2013 Annual BTHL Board Meeting will be held on June 2 from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM via conference call.

Agenda and details will be posted.
by posted 05/09/2013
USA Hockey Night at Nationwide Arena - CBJ vs MN Wild
USA Hockey Night is coming up at Nationwide Arena on 4/7 when the Jackets take on Minnesota! There are two great offers for players AND coaches!
Players (and families): Starting at $25 players receive a ticket, hotdog, popcorn, Pepsi, cold stone creamery ice cream cone, CBJ Street Hockey Stick, CBJ hat, and opportunity to take part in a post-game autograph session!

Click here for tickets:
Coaches: During the day there will be coaching certification courses put on by USA Hockey.

Click here to register for the coaching clinic:


by posted 04/02/2013
Congratulations Players and Coaches!
Congratulations Players and Coaches!

First and foremost congratulations to ALL the kids for a great tournament over the weekend.  I have never witnessed so many close championship games. 
Please see below for the entire tournament Champions.
·         Squirt AA - Dayton Stealth – Perrault
·         Squirt A Gold Louisville – Lemonds
·         Squirt A Silver Evansville – Sarno
·         Squirt A Bronze Columbus BJ - Erickson 
·         Pee Wee AA Cincinnati - Pardo 
·         Pee Wee A Gold - IYHA All Stars – Murray
·         Pee Wee A Silver - Owensboro - Henry 
·         Pee Wee A Bronze - Fishers Falcons - Bell 
·         Bantam AA - Columbus BJ – Donovan
·         Bantam A Gold - Cincinnati - Davis 
·         Bantam A Silver - Butler County – Deer
·         Bantam A Bronze - IYHA All Stars - Christie 
Quick summary below for the goal differential in the championship games.
·         One Goal or overtime – 6 or 50%
·         Two Goal – 3 or 25 %
·         Three – 1
·         Four – 1
·         Five  – 1
The Buckeye is completely run by volunteers.  It will never be perfect.  For those of you that wonder why we do the preseason, decisions to approval/deny petitions to move up or down, etc……well we feel that with 75% championship games under a two goal differential is pretty good.
 If you feel different and would like to offer your expertise/time the,  Buckeye is currently looking for people to help out in all capacities.  We are looking to make some major changes and improvements for next year.
If you are willing to become part of the board please contact Jason Bowra.  Please only contact if you a seriously willing to commit to a position on the Buckeye.

by posted 02/26/2013
2013 Year End Tournament Information

2012-13 Year End Tournament Schedules & Seeding:

Tournament Seeding & Schedules will be added here as division coordinators finalize the year-end standings:

            Click here: Year End Schedule/Results Brackets

(Note: Consolation Games do not appear in the above brackets)

2012-13 Year End Tournament Information:

The brackets and schedule for the 2012-13 year-end tournament are now available to download.

Note that some teams will be required to play on Friday afternoon so please plan accordingly.

Once the final division seeding is known, the brackets will be updated with team names and will also be updated not only at the rinks, but also on the website as games complete.  Scores will be entered by the rink coordinators, and the next round of the games will automatically display on the website brackets for each division.

Please direct any questions about the schedule you your coach, manager, or division coordinator.

Thank you!



Document Links (Click to view/download):

2012-13 Year End Tournament Rules and Rink Locations

REVISED Info for Squirt AA Game 29 (Consolation Game is W28 vs L25)
REVISED 2/21/2013 (added team names)

2012-13 Printable Year End Tournament Brackets and Schedule

by posted 02/02/2013
About Us
About Us:

Buckeye Travel Hockey League is the premeir youth travel ice hockey league for "A" and "AA" Squirt (10U), PeeWee (12U), Bantam (14U), and Midget (16U and 18U) teams in Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky.  We typically have 75 or more teams from various organizations in the midwest participate in the league.  BTHL is a part of USA Hockey's Mid Am district.  Teams will play in various divisions within each age group based on results from the seeding tournament held in September each year.  BTHL League Play crowns a regular-season champion in each division based on their final standings as posted throughout the season on this website.  In addition, the Year-End League Tournament is also held crowining the Tournament Champions.

For more information about the league, click on our BTHL Contacts link.

Getting Started:

The Site is divided into multiple age groups (Squirt/PeeWee/Bantam) which can be selected from the buttons across the TOP MENU.

Picking an age group will allow you to see all of the divisions with that age group (AA/A Gold/A Silver/A Bronze).


Once you have picked a division you will see the choices on the LEFT MENU change allowing you to see the schedule and standings for your selected age group and division.

Tip: Make sure you have the correct season selected at the top of the screen


Scores for completed games show in the schedule.  Only one week is shown at a time, so you may need to view previous weeks to see more game results.

Scores for specific teams can also be accessed by clicking on the team in the schedule, standings, or from each team's main page (using the "Choose a Team" button).
by posted 08/01/2012
2012-13 Prospective Teams

     2012-13 Prospective Teams
by Webmaster posted 07/24/2012
2012 Schedule and dates

·         Dates for team applications

o    August 10, 2012

·         Due date for team apps and fees:

o    Rosters are due with application and stamped rosters due by pre-season tournament. Stamped roster must be turned in at the pre-season tournament and also sent to division director.

·         Date for pre-season tournament:

o    September 15, 16, 2012

o    The schedule for the pre-season tournament will be posted on or before September 10th (We will do our best)

·         Tournament placement committee meeting:

o    As required after tournament.

·         Date divisions posted:

o    On or before September 26th, 2012

·         Date petitions due from teams to move up or down a division:

o    By 5:00pm on Sept. 27th, 2012

·         Petition review meeting:

o    Sept. 28th, 2012 at 5:00pm

·         Final divisions posted

o    Sept. 30th, 2012

·         Date of scheduling meeting:

o    Oct. 6th, 2012 at 10:00am Hara Arena In Dayton. If Hara is not available a site will be announced.

·         Dates for Championship Tournament:

o    All divisions on Feb. 22-24, 2013.

o    Teams may be required to play on Friday.

posted 07/18/2012
2012-13 Application Posted

·         2012-13 Buckeye Travel Hockey League application form 20120803.docx

by Webmaster posted 07/18/2012
2012 BTHL Annual Meeting Minutes Posted

The Buckeye Travel Hockey League annual meeting was held on May

The final agenda and meeting minutes are attached: Annual Meeting Minutes

posted 07/18/2012
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