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Online Sports Registration

Included registration services

Lead the League in Registration

The online sports registration process on your league's website is easy to use with self-guided steps from League Athletics. Start off with our step-by-step set-up phase. You can do it yourself, even if you're not a professional computer techie. When you're ready to go, players can register on their own, led by a self-guided step-by-step process.

Create Custom Questions

You know what information you need to put players on the right teams and the make the best schedule. Old-school paper forms don't always let you ask the right questions. When you develop a league website, you can customize what information you get using our sports registration software. You can ask the standard questions, then tweak the process with requests for birth certificate file uploads, player agreements, waiver conditions, registration discount codes and more. After you've collected and downloaded the information you need, create customized reports to help you stay organized.

Stress-Free Electronic Payments

One of the toughest parts to sports team management used to be collecting money from all of the players. Not anymore. League Athletics takes the stress out of collecting payments with electronic processing. Give your league members the option to pay online by credit card. It's safe and easy. Select easyMerchant from or your own merchant account. If you take cash and paper checks, just add them into the system for your records.

Checks and Balances

With our advanced tools, you can run accounting reports to see who still owes money, and send out an electronic friendly reminder for accounts that haven't been paid. In addition, you can download custom reports to reconcile all of your electronic transactions.

For the Family that Plays Together

Make your league family-friendly. Adults can set up a family account to help them keep track of their kids' stats, rosters and team schedules. Once they've entered their contact and player details, parents and guardians can pick a primary and other family contacts, plus choose other featured options. Their personal information is protected, and they can update the details in just a few minutes from season to season.