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Customer Feedback

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"On behalf of the Richfield Youth Baseball & Softball Association(RYBSA), I would like to commend you and your team for providing us with this terrific website to manage our recreational baseball & softball league. With close to 400 participants, your database system, online registration, reminder emails & texts, user friendly interfacing, technical support and more, just blew the old site out of the water. It made us more efficient, and more importantly our parents love the communication and updates. On behalf of our Board members and parents, THANK YOU."

-Tim S., Richfield Youth Baseball & Softball Association

"After trying many other possible league providers, I've found that your site and service is the best. If it's out there, I've tried it! Hands down, you guys have the best option for my league."

-Tom D., North Van Softball

"Also, I just wanted to say how wonderful League Athletics' technical support is in terms of both response time and helpfulness. We've received so many compliments about our new web site already!"

-Carolyn B., Heartwell Baseball

"Thank you for such an awesome job! This site is a big deal for us. Going to League Athletics was one of the best moves we ever made as a league."

-Joe B., French Valley Baseball & Softball

I would like to personally thank your team at League Athletics!!

My 'real world' job is as a website adminstrator and Information Technology Specialist at a local High School. I have seen quite a few websites in my work. I am also the administrator for our Catholic School's athletic website through League Athletics. I have been the administrator of this site since its inception 5-6 years ago. I just wanted to thank you for all the features you have added on since we started using your site! It is not only easy to use, it is a pleasure to administer! Each new feature is something our organization can use to make us a better organization! Your videos, forums, and overall ease of use has been a blessing! It has been an envy to all other schools in our area!

Thank you to your organization for helping ours look awesome! Please pass on to everyone in your organization to let them know we appreciate their efforts as well! Keep up the great work!

-Sheryl A., St. Lawrence Athletics

"All I can say about this is, WOW!! Finally, somebody out there gets it. You all completely understand what a real league site should have. You have all the bases covered here. We are just really glad we found out about you. I mean, all the little things about running our leagues and club organizations, from sending the message reminders out, the recruiting forms, the back office area to track the finances, to the background check information for volunteers and even the league store. This site has everything covered. You all really did your homework here, that is for sure. I'm really impressed."

-Bob G., Tampa Bay Velocity

"I personally wanted to thank you for helping me manage two youth lacrosse leagues with your system. I just finished converting two existing websites to League Athletics and just went through the registration process with both leagues flawlessly with over 450 kids between them.

The registration system is fantastic, communication tools, online store, installment payment capabilities, real-time US Lacrosse membership verification, online store and the new volunteer module give us such ease that I took on two leagues this year. Not to mention we are saving lots of money by using your site over competitors. I told my Board that the decision to move was a "no-brainer."

The technical support has been tremendous answering my questions within minutes of calling by the person who picks up the phone. The online You Tube videos were very helpful to get started. I watched all 60+ of them.

Keep up the good work. A "top-shelf" product with "top-shelf" support.

-Howard F., Tampa ELITE Lacrosse

"Just wanted to share a comment from one of our users yesterday... I could not agree more: the system's functionality you've built is just awesome...the features I've discovered so far are wonderful and user-friendly. It seems you've thought of everything. I know we will be benefiting even more as we discover and start utilizing new features as we move along thru the upcoming baseball season. Happy holidays!"

-Aija M., Arlington Little League

"The ease of doing things with all your support, is worth every penny!! Thank you so much!!"

-Neeti K., Ridge Red Devils Football

"This calendaring function that coincides with schedules is tremendous. I'm looking forward to downloading it to Outlook...In baseball terms, looks like our selection is a real GRAND SLAM!"

-George Ricciardi, Neshaminy Wildcats Baseball & Softball

"The National Council of Youth Sports (NCYS) proudly recommends League Athletics for the most cost-effective way to communicate league information to parents, volunteers and players, and the kids. This is first class company with first class products and services. There is not another company that provides league management tools, high quality websites, online registration, management and communications systems like!"

-Sally S. Johnson, Executive Director, National Council of Youth Sports

"You support dudes rock! Oh I wish it were so easy to get ALL my questions in life answered!"

-Kaky Wakefield, Hillcrest Lacrosse

"Thanks for such an awesome product! Your site makes my job so unbelievably EASY!! Thank you, thank you!!"

-Shana C., Loveland Lacrosse

"League Athletics is an incredibly powerful tool. Way ahead of the SaaS revolution and superior to any other athletic web sites I've seen, and it keeps getting better. I've used it for three organizations already and more in the future, I'm sure."

-Wayne Eckerson, Hingham Cross Country, Track & Field

I am chief cook and bottle washer for our club, the high school team and involved in the LA Mavericks. Couple hundred kids that I have to admin, as a volunteer. Your product has made my life easier and I am now putting in less hours primarily due to your product.
Much thanks! "

-Mark Yumkas, Calabasas Lacrosse Association

"Thank you for the excellent support, you folks are very much on the ball for every issue submitted!"

-Don King, Southwest Florida Youth Lacrosse

"Thanks again for the GREAT support from you and League Athletics this past year. It really is top notch."

-Rick Darrell, Colleyville Lacrosse

"This is by far the best, most easy to read high school sport web site I have ever visited. Having 3 sons in sports makes me feel like an expert...Thanks for your clarity and instructive information!"

-Margi Atwood, Prior Lake Lacrosse

"You guys will never know how glad I am that we chose LA to manage FXA. My hours of research on Google 6 years ago was well worth the time..."

-Jeremy Purcell, FXA Football

"I love the new Admin Feature page as well as all the great enhancements you have made for this website over the 5 years I have been with you. The Outstanding Balance feature has been an especially useful too! The Customer Service is outstanding - I have never seen a faster and better response team in ANY OTHER business I have needed customer service from! Keep up the GREAT work!"

-Teresa Fiamengo, New Fairfield Lacrosse

"I've been delighted with the New Features added. Lots of great ideas get integrated. As an administrator, I'm equally delighted with the near-zero learning curve. It isn't easy getting a Sports Director to take a shine to scheduling and web content development. But each volunteer that has tried to use our site has become proficient with minimal coaching."

-Greg Slominski, Boonsboro Ruritan Youth Association

"Hey, just wanted to let you know that [] has been outstanding with both Hawks and Cherry Creek site support and putting up with my "know just enough to be dangerous" support requests...Hawks (my club) is absolutely ecstatic about our LA site."

-John Hatcher, Parker Hawks Youth Sports

"Thank you so much for using League Athletics for your scheduling--it is fantastic! I wish all my kid's teams were as organized and professional as WYH!! I wanted you to know how much we appreciate all the hard work and thoughtful decisions you make for the kids and the league! Have the best weekend!"

-Lisa (parent), Westwood Youth Hockey

"Thanks to you and all of the tech support staff at League Athletics. The program is outstanding and easy to use and so it is not often that we do need tech support but when we do, responses come rapidly and clearly. I also appreciate how receptive everyone is to suggestions for enhancements to make your outstanding product even better. A couple of my suggestions have already been implemented and I've see tremendous growth in the depth and quality of the LA product in just the 10 months we've been a customer. Our players and parents are very impressed (and complementary) with how our website looks and the ease with which they can find any information they are looking for. Throw in the ease with which the system handles credit card payments and my job has become so much easier and less time consuming, which is definitely a plus when you're volunteering your time. The latest edition, the customizable Player Bio feature may easily be my favorite as I would spend hours each season hand-preparing bios for all of our players as they prepare for the college recruiting process. Now, I've simply created a registration form for players to enter in their information and created a customized template and about 15-20 hours of my time has been reduced to about a half-hour. Thanks again, and keep up the great work!"

-Rob Marino, Next Level Soccer Academy

"I have to tell you this site is fantastic. We are growing (doubled since Spring) in numbers and I could not keep it all straight with out the website. Tell all the engineers, or whomever, they have done a fantastic job!"

-Jerry Consie, Duluth Youth Lacrosse Association

"We're loving this new website! It's such an improvement over the past years' sites. Also, the level of communication is great. Good work!"

-Lisa Levine, Foothills Hockey Association

"I wanted to send a quick note to tell you how impressed I am with the service you provide. I recently signed up our league to build a Lax only page. I have had zippy experience with websites and your product enabled us to build a very useful tool for our league in a very short period of time. The more we explore into the capabilities of the product the more we are amazed at how useful this is and will be in the coming seasons. We are looking forward to using this as our registration site next year. From a non-techie....a sincere thank you for an excellent product and as a result a better league for our players and families."

-Doug Birnie, Chantilly Youth Lacrosse

By far the best service of its kind anywhere, any time. In both this youth hockey organization and separately in a charitable organization, working an organizational website has been frustrating and time consuming. Within a few hours of signing up with the Bayonne Youth Hockey Association had an up to date website that looked good; within a day of signing it, it looked great, and it is only getting better. Easy to use with great results and prompt tech support. People might say our website finally go into this century--I think that you catapulted into the next century.

-Jim Flynn, Bayonne Rangers


-Toni Dahlgren, Harrison Little League

"I just wanted to tell you how pleased RAHA has been with your website package. If you ever need a customer "reference", feel free to use my name. At our board meeting last night, we all agreed that the switch to your package was one of the best things we did all year."

-Bill Oplinger, Ridgefield Amateur Hockey Association