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Harvard Soccer Programs


The Harvard Soccer Club has two soccer programs:

  • In-Town Soccer Program (U6, U7 and U8) for ages 4-7 
  • Travel Soccer Program (U10, U12, U14, U16, U18) for ages 8 and up 

    The age group a player plays in is determined by the player's age on August 1 before the Fall soccer season. A player plays within the same age group for both the Fall and following Spring seasons, even if their age changes after August 1. For example, if a player is 9 years old on August 1, that player will play in the under-10 age group during the Fall and following Spring soccer seasons, even if that player turns 10 years old in September.

    If a player's age places him or her in an age group that is different from most of his/her classmates, that player usually has a choice: to play with the age group of their classmates, or to play with the age group determined by their age.

    For players U10 and up, a waiver from NVYSL is required to play outside his/her age group. U10 and up players who are older than the age group can only play in the NVYSL recreational divisions; overage players cannot play in the NVYSL MTOC and NCup divisions in the spring season.

    In-town Soccer Program

    The in-town program offers fun, age-appropriate soccer for children who ages 4 to 7 (pre-K to 2nd grade).







    Age 4 and 5 as of August 1st

    PreK and K

    Age 6 or under on August 1; 1st grade

    Age 7 or under on August 1; 2nd grade.


    3v3 on small fields with portable goals.

    U7(4v4), U8(5v5)

    Play description

    Small fields are used with portable goals. No goalies. Ball is always in play unless it goes significantly out of bounds.

    Introduction of throw-ins, goalies(U8 only) and referees

    Game times

    Sat. 8am, Depot Rd.

    Sat. 8am, Depot Rd.

    Sat. 9am, Depot Rd.


    Saturdays before the game

    1x per week, scheduled by coach

    1X per week, scheduled by coach

    Game location

    Depot Rd.

    Depot Rd.

    Ball size

    Size 3


    Travel Soccer Program

    The HSC Travel Soccer Program is offered for ages 8 and up within the Nashoba Valley Youth Soccer League (NVYSL). HSC NVYSL teams play half their games and Harvard, and travel for half their games to one of the other NVYSL member towns. NVYSL offers three divisions of play at each age group.








    Age 8 or 9 on August 1; Grades 3 and 4

    Age 10 or 11 on August 1; grades 5 and 6

    Age 12 or 13 on August 1; grades 7 and 8.

    Age 14 and up; grades 9 and up.





    11v11 (spring) or 8v8 (fall).

    Game Time

    Girls: Sat. 9am

    Boys: Sat .10:15am


    Girls: Sat. 11:30 am

    Boys: Sat .1:00 pm



    Girls: Sat. 2:30 pm

    Boys: Sat. 4:00 pm


    Sun 1,3,5pm


    Home Field location

    Depot Road fields


    Usually 1 time, per week as scheduled by coach

    1-2 times, per week as scheduled by coach

    Competitive levels

    Four levels of play, all non-outcome based: Scores are reported only for purposes of ensuring properly leveled teams

    Three levels of play. MTOC and Ncup are outcome based with tournaments for top finishing teams in the spring season. Recreational division is not outcome based.


    U18 - MTOC only, U16 MTOC and Nashoba Cup

    Ball size

    Size 4

    Size 4

    Size 5

    Size 5