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Vertical Menu Pages
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Vertical Menu Pages

The "Vertical Menu Pages" option on the Admin menu brings up a form that allows you to add new pages to your web site.  You can enter either HTML source code or just plain text in these new pages.  The form allows you to enter menu text for either the site's Association or Sport Name menus.  The fields on the form are as follows:

Page Properties (1 of 2)

Edit Page Content (2 of 2)

After you submit the form, your new page will appear on the menu of your choice.  If you've already logged into the Admin area, your page will have three icons at the top.  The first can be used to edit the page properties. The second and be used to bring up the entry form for editing.  You can then edit the text, change the menu, or the page's menu caption.  The third button can be used to delete the page altogether.

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