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Security & Passwords

This area is used to specify passwords for access to your site and also designate responsible persons who will receive notification of site changes.  The site has several standard passwords as well as the ability to create custom Admin Roles with a custom set of privileges.

Note: This page and its menu choices will only be visible if you log into the administration area using the Master password.

Note: All password fields have a companion "Create" button to their right.  Clicking this button causes a new password to be generated at random.  While the passwords are usually not an actual English word, they are designed to be pronounceable.  We highly recommend using these as they are very secure and almost impossible to guess, either by human or automated password cracking programs.  There have been incidences where clubs have used common sports terms for passwords and people have guessed them resulting in some highly inappropriate material being posted.  Don't let this happen to you.  Use our generated passwords or something unlikely to be guessed.

If you do choose to use your own passwords, make sure that they are all different. This will ensure that password users will only have access to rights granted to them by the site's Webmaster.

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