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Schedules are probably the most important pieces of information you can put on you site; most visitors will come for them. Schedules are visible to the public by individual teams. Each team will have its own listing showing just their games and practices with dates, times, locations, opponents (if any), and comments. Games that have changed since a visitor's last visit are shown in red to distinguish them. Schedule changes can be automatically emailed to all affected team members and their parents whenever they are made if you so designate on individual team forms. See "Schedule is Live" in the previous "Teams" section. You can also publish your schedule incrementally through dates you specify on individual team forms. See "Schedule Through" in the previous "Teams" section. Note that in the following documentation, the generic word "Event" refers to any kind of game or practice.

Before you can start creating your schedules, you must complete the following tasks:

  1. All leagues must be defined. See the Leagues chapter earlier in this document.
  2. Teams must also be defined for the coming season. See the Teams chapter earlier in this document.
  3. Facilities must be entered with at least their name, city, and state. See the Facilities chapter earlier in this document.

Once the above have been completed, you're ready to begin entering your schedule on the site. To this end, there are several tools at your disposal:

To create your schedule, you'll typically begin by entering events via the Event Information form or the Recurring event generator. These tools are described in detail in the following chapters.

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