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Recurring Games
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Recurring Games

The Recurring Event tool makes it possible to easily add a series of events that occur on a recurring basis.  If your teams have regular practices or games, this can save you lots of time setting up your schedule.  A word of caution: You'll need to be careful when using this tool.  If you make a mistake and generate a bunch of faulty events, you'll have to delete them one by one.  There is no mass delete or undo tool available on the site.

To use the Recurring Event tool, click the "Recurring Games" choice on the Admin menu.  This will bring up the Recurring Event form where you'll need to fill in the following information:

Once you complete the form and press the Submit button, the events within the date range will be created.  You can view and edit them using the Calendar and Event Information form covered elsewhere in this document.

Example: To generate alternating practices, where a team plays on one field one week and another the following week, use the Recurring form tool twice.  On the first form, enter a "2" in the first field ("Every") and select "Week(s)" from the drop down.  Next enter the date range and times, and then select the first playing field from the Location drop-down.  Submit the form to generate the events for the first playing field.  Next, invoke the Recurring Event form again.  Again enter a two-week frequency and fill in the dates starting with the first event at the second playing field.  Fill in the remainder of the form fields and select the second playing field from the drop-down list.  When you submit the form, you'll generate the remainder of the alternating events.

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