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Surveys are a great tool for asking questions and getting immediate feedback or results. They can be used for polling, voting or association wide questionnaires. They can also be used to add a little fun to you website. Surveys, unlike online forms, are always "Live" or available to the public and are displayed as a menu page on the Association or Home page. Online forms should be used if you are creating a questionnaire that you would like to be closed to the public or on a particular menu tab.

Once you have selected "Surveys" from the menu choices on the Admin page, the "Poll  Center" form will be displayed. From this page you can clone, edit, delete or test an existing survey, as well as add a new survey. Optionally, you can view, clear or download the results of an existing survey.

Once you have chosen to add a new survey or edit an existing one, the resulting page is the "Poll Information" form. On this page, you will enter some basic information about you survey.

At the bottom of the form, there are two check boxes. The first, if checked will limit one vote per internet connection. If unchecked, participants can vote numerous time. The second box, when checked, will allow participants to view results immediately after answering the survey. When unchecked, results will be available only  from the Admin page.

After the Poll Information form has completed, click the "Continue" button at the bottom of the form. The resulting page, titled "Question List", will allow you to add a new question (by clicking on the  icon), delete an existing question (by clicking on the X) or edit an existing question (by clicking on the name of the question). You can also preview the survey by clicking on "Preview the poll..." selection.

Once you have chosen to add a new question or edit an existing one, the resulting form, titled "Define Question", is where you will enter the question and its answer choices.

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