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Online Store
The online store is a great tool for your organization to sell merchandise to the general public or throughout the organization. Whether using the Online Store as a retail-style storefront or as a fundraising tool, it can be a valuable part of your organization.

There are four different administration menu choices for the Online Store: Properties, Store Items, List Purchases, and Reconcile Credit Card Payments. All of the choices are simple and easy to use tools to get your store up and running and keep it that way.

Let's get started:

The Properties section of the Online Store is the first step to setting up your store. We will enter some basic information about the store in this section.

Store Items
After you have setup the online store's properties, you are now ready to stock the shelves. This is done in the "Store Items" section. In this section, you will be able to add new items to your store, as well as edit and delete existing items from the store. Once you've selected the "Store Items" selection, the resulting window will give you the option to "Add a new item." Once you have added items to the store, two additional choices: edit an existing item (the to the left of the item) and delete an existing item (the icon to the right of the item) will be available. When adding or editing an item, a form with the following fields will appear:

List Purchases
This reports lists all purchases made in the store. The report can be sorted by date processed by clicking on the "Processed" heading, date ordered by clicking on the "Ordered" heading, or by customer name by clicking on the "Customer" heading. The box listed under the "Processed" heading can be checked by the administrator to help keep track of orders that have been processed and orders that still need to be completed. Also, the COD heading indicates the amount that is due on each order and totals those amounts at the end of the report.

Download Item Purchases
This report will create a csv spreadsheet for each item ordered through the online store. Information conatined in this report includes the First and Last Name of the purchaser, date purchased, item number, description, as well as all options and prompts for each item.

Reconcile Credit Card Payments
This report categorizes and totals credit card payments made to a merchant account within a specified time period. When this tool is selected, the resulting window will allow you to select the merchant account id from a drop down menu, and specify the time period with a start date and an end date. If the "Between dates" fields are left empty, the report is generated from the origination date of the merchant account to the current date. The report will categorize and total payments made for the store, as well as online registration and payments made to other online forms you have created. Optionally, the report can be printed by clicking the "Print" icon () at the top of the report page.

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