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New Features

Inline Editing
Added: 2/11/13
The inline editing tool now makes it easier for admins and content managers to update content areas such as news items and custom pages. Traditionally, one would need to select the Edit icon on the page, edit the content and then save. With the new Inline Editor, users can now simply login to the site, click on a content area and edit the content in place, without changing pages. This allows content managers to quickly and easily update page content without having to switch screens and submit forms. Once the area has been edited and you mouse away from that section of the page, the changes will be saved automatically. More information here...

Volunteer management
Added: 11/30/12
The volunteer tool allows you to schedule any event on your website and allow members to sign in and volunteer for that event. Once assigned, you can create reports on who has been assigned to each event and also track credits or time spent volunteering. Additionally, you can import a series of events for volunteers. This may be handy for snack stand duty for the entire season. More information here...

Live Player Draft
Added: 11/6/12
The live player draft can be used to assign players to teams in real-time. The draft commissioner can set the draft settings, and then coaches can login to the site remotely and participate in the draft at a set time. This allows leagues and clubs to evenly distribute talent across all teams in the season. More information here...

Automatic Email to Collect Scores
Added: 10/17/12
This option can be enabled by going to Admin>Config>General Settings>Communication. If enabled, an automatic email is generate to team managers after a game has been played, prompting the to enter scores. The email includes a direct link that will allow them to enter their score and submit this to the website. More information here...

Double Elimination Brackets
Added: 5/10/12
The Schedule Generator can now product Double as well as Single Elimination Brackets. See the new Type on the How tab of the rule wizard. We'vealsoadjusted thescheduling algorithm to generate back to back timeslots for consecutive games, separated by the number of minutes specified in the "Leave" field on the When tab. This makes for a more compressed tournament schedule rather than scheduling each round on separate days.

Manager's Video
Added: 4/6/12
We've added a new video that will show managers how to use the different features that are available to them on the site. You can use this video to provide instruction to new managers and help existing managers utilize all of the features that you make available to them through the site. The video can be found on YouTube here:

Subscription Payments for Users
Added: 3/26/12
We've integrated's Automated Recurring Billing (ARB) functionality into the Registration System. This allows club registrar's to automatically charge members' credit cards over time, automatically. Within the registration system, you can enable this option only if you have an merchant account with ARB setup on the account. Edit your registration system by goingto Members>RegistrationSystem>Edit, and selecting the Subscription option on the Payment tab. Then enter an optional deposit amount, the start date to begin charging people, the spacing requirements for each payment and the number of payments to charge. For more information about this feature, refer to our help documentation here: Registration Payment Options.

New and improved Picture Uploader
Added: 3/12/12
We've improved the picture file upload tool, so that it no longer requires installing components (except Flash). You can browse for and select large groups of image files and then upload them all at once with progress bars for each. The new tool works far better than the old tools but it does require a fairly recent version of Adobe's Flash player. We've also fixed a number of "quirks" that have bothered many of us for years. Check it out.

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