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Merchant Accounts
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Merchant Accounts

The Merchant Account section is where all information regarding your credit card merchant accounts and PayPal accounts are kept. This information includes the Transaction Key, Merchant Login ID and credit card types that are accepted (Visa, Mastercard, etc). The information is kept only in this area and need only be checked off on registrations, online forms, and the online store as the form of accepted payment. You must check off the appropriate merchant account box on your registration programs, online forms and in the Properties section of the online store to be able to accept credit card payment. If any information needs to be changed or updated, such as Transaction Keys, they only need to be updated in this area and not on each form or store.

Also, if you have previous registration programs where members owe a balance, and you want them to be able to pay via credit card using the merchant account that has been set up, you may want to check off the merchant account box on previous registration programs, as well.

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