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Import Facilities

You can import facility information from a spreadsheet file rather than entering it all by hand.  To do this, you'll need to create a spreadsheet file containing a row for each facility and columns across for each piece of information you wish to import.  The file you create must be saved as a comma separated value (.CSV) file or as a tab delimited text file (.TXT).  Files of these types can be generated in Excel using the Save As dialog box.

You can also use a file that has been downloaded from your site using the "Export Facility Information" tool.  These files can be directly re-imported after downloading. You can also use the downloaded data to make changes en masse and then re-import the changes.

The information you can include in the import file is specified below.  Note: All columns are optional except for the Name column.  The first line of the file must contain the names of the columns as specified below.  The order they are encountered in the first line specifies the column order for all subsequent data in the file.  Columns can be in any order.

>>Click here for a spreadsheet template with common column headings already specified.

Column Heading

Max Characters
Facility_ID NA Internal database record ID from the These numbers should only come from exported facility data from the website and are used to identify each clubs existing facilities.  If these numbers are not present, the software will attempt to match existing member data based on name or alias, and address. If no match is found, a new record will be created.
Name 24 Name of the facility
Public YES/NO If YES, the facility will be visible to the Public. If NO, it will be hidden.
Address 50 Street Address
City 24 City
State 2 Two Letter State abbreviation
Zip 10 #####-####, or Canadian Postal Codes can be used
Country   3 Country
Phone 14 Any format commonly used for phone numbers such as "(###) ###-####," "###-###-####," or "###-####".  Extensions can also be included by adding "x###" to the end of the phone number.  All phone numbers will be reformatted to the form "###-###-####" with area codes added if omitted and can be determined from other numbers within a given area code.
Drive_Time N/A  Custom text
URL 255 Any valid web address can be included
Status 6 Optional - OPEN/CLOSED/TBD.
Alias N/A Custom facility alias name
Home YES/NO If YES, the facility will be included as a home field.
Bookings 3 The number of simultaneous events that can occur at this facility. If two teams practice on this field/court/rink at the same time, enter 2.

Note:   The first row of data must be contain the names of the columns as specified above.  Any columns except Name can contain blank data. 

For a spreadsheet template with common column headings already specified, click here.

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