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Horizontal Menu Tabs
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Horizontal Menu Tabs

Your website comes with a standard set of menu tabs across the top of each page.  The leftmost tab is where we put most of the predefined pages we supply, with the exception of those on the Team tab.  This serves as your site's "Home" tab and the accompanying menu can contain additional pages you define using the Menu Page form, explained below.  The next tab is labeled Team.  This is where you can find team specific pages such as schedules, game results, rosters, etc.  To this list of tabs, you can also add new ones to help organize your site.

To enter a new tab or to edit an existing one, click the "Horizontal Menu Tabs" choice on the Admin menu.  This will bring up a list of Tabs already defined.  You can click any Tab's name to edit its information or click the delete button to delete it.  Note however that you cannot delete Tabs that have pages attached to them and in these cases, the delete icon will not appear.  To add a new Tab, click the "Add a new Tab" link at the top of the page.  This will bring up the Tab Information form with the following fields:

Note: Newly created tabs will not appear on the tab row until they have at least one page associated with them.  To create a new page and assign it to a tab or to reassign an existing page to a tab, see New Menu Pages .

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